Monday, July 7, 2008


Ok, so this blogging thing is going all major tech for me! I enjoy looking at other people's blogs and also seeing if I know any of their "friends" on their lists! I actually set up my blog several months ago but didn't know what the heck to do once I set it up. I still don't know how to add pics and dress it up or anything. That's where miss Ashley, my Ash, comes in. She is the one that has been "encouraging" me to do this!!! She didn't realize she was dealing with a total ignoramous who is a "70's" gal and a little stuck in that decade! No, I take that back. I can email no problem. So that puts me at least in the late 90's right???
 So I am trying to join the newer generation and pretend to be that cool!!
So here goes!!!

I guess to start with and until I can add pictures I should let anyone who should actually read this what's going on in my life as of JUly 7, 2008. 
Here's the run down of my family:
My hubba hub, Sam-- is still the stud muffin I married. He is busy at SRP as an Executive Manager in the IT department. He is 1st counselor in the bishopric of our ward. And he feels like he is a new member of it. He served on the high council for 6 1/2 yrs. and I think didn't know more than half of our ward members. He said that yesterday (Sunday), a couple came walking up to the stand to bear their testimonies and he thought to himself. "oh a new couple in our ward, I wonder who they are?" They proceeded to say that they had been in the ward for about a year and they were bearing their testimonies for their primary class members cuz they had challenged the kids and they were all showing them up. Anyway, Sam hadn't a clue who they were!!!
Me- Rhea: I am on the down side of riding into 50! I will be 47 in October. EEEEEKKKK!!! I still think and feel like I am in my 20's or at the latest early 30's. The only problem is is that my body is not agreeing with me and trying to prove me wrong!! I am fighting it though. I will NOT go down without a fight!! I therefore try and act as crazy and silly and for a lack of better word, maybe immature at times! Like at girls camp with the girls!! What's life all about if you can't have fun, right????
I am the Laurel's advisor in our ward and really do love it and love the girls! They are awesome! And they appreciate my sillyness!!! Or least laugh at it!
I serve with some of my best friends in the world in Young Women's so we have a blast!!! I do kind of miss Relief Society, and feel totally out of the loop with everything, but that's the way it is, I guess! I guess I was "in the loop" for 4 1/2 years as RS prez and it's time to move out of it and do something different!!! 
 ASHLEY-BASHLEY: Ash is happily married to Mr. Marky Mark Huston. He is a keeper and we love him a ton!! He is a good guy and treats Ash great! They were married Nov. 24th. 2007. And for the very exciting and unbelievably terrific news---------------------------Ashley's going to have a baby!!!!!!!
I am going to be a Grandma!!!!!!!! I am so very thrilled I can't stand it!!!!
She is working as an Orthodontist assistant and also does hair on the side at her place where she has set up "shop" in her second bedroom. With a chair and cabinets an mirror that Mark made for her. It looks very professional looking!!!! And she is an awesome hairdresser!!! I'd recommend her to anyone!!! 
Mark is working at Classy Closets and has for many years, making cabinets and stuff, and is also going to school to be a counselor of some sort!! They are a busy busy couple, but that's good-- keeps 'em out of trouble!!! 
AARON-BO-BARON: Aaron is getting married in 11 days!!! On the 18th!! He is getting rather excited I do believe!!! He is marrying a darling and wonderful girl- Allie Askins!! We all love her and are so excited to have her become a part of our family! She fits in very nicely!!! And I am finally going to get that other daughter I always wanted!
Aaron is going to school at ASU and working. His plan is to go to med school after getting his Bachelor's in another 2 years or so. He works at a property management company as one of those snoopy, picky farts who drive around and see who's weeds are more than an inch long or who's paint is starting to flake off or some such nonsense and leaves a notice to fix it. But he's a nice bad guy!!! He also works as a medical scribe at Chandler Regional and Gilbert Mercy about 30 hrs. a month. He stays dang busy during school especially. 
Allie will be starting dental hygiene school in the fall, which is a two year program. So they will be busy, busy, busy. 
TANNER: Tanner Man is staying busy in the "Motherland" of Russia!! He is serving a mission in the Russia, Rostov-na-danu mission. He has been there for about 3 weeks now and says he loves it! He is still working on trying to figure out what the heck the people are saying, but says they are friendly and he loves it there already! He wrote last week that he is starting to be able to tell that they are saying individual words rather than one long big word. He just can't understand what those individual words are!!! Oh well, it'll come, I'm sure!! WE are so proud of him and his choice to serve. We miss him terribly and all but know he is being blessed and it will be a great experience for him and us as well. He is in the Lord's hands and that's what we count on!!
TAYLOR: Taylor Baylor is about to start his senior year. He is a hoot! He has fun and does crazy things! Like going on 43 mile bike rides with his friends late at night because they are bored!!! He just got back from hiking down to Havasupai and playing down there for 3 days with his cousin Coy. He had a great time!!! He is getting revved up for football come August. It's always fun to go watch his games. 
He is going to be the only one home now. Our baby is now our only child!! Freaky!!! He's not too thrilled either!!!

Well I guess that's enough to get started!!!

Oh, on the 5th of JUly we went to Canyon Lake and had a good time!!! We hadn't been there all summer-- with the high cost of gas and we are in the middle of adding on and remodeling it just hadn't worked out. I had almost forgotten how much I love to go out on the lake!!! It was so great!!! It's so pretty and peaceful in a noisy way!!!  And-- I got up wakeboarding. I hadn't done it in about 3 years (and that was the first time I had!) and so wasn't sure I could still do it!!! But I did!!! whoohoooo!!!!
Ashley has a pic of me doing it so if I can get her over here to show me how I will put it on here. 

I know it's not supposed to be like a letter I'm writing but again, I'm new at this and so this is what I've got for now!!!
Look forward to figuring this all out!!!
Have a great one!!!