Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Funk

Ok, so I don't know about most of you out in bloggerland, but this time of year brings me to what I like to call, February Funk!
I mean, come on, what really is there to be THAT excited about????? Christmas has been over now for a month or more, so the coolness of that has worn off. January is still close enough to Christmas that the lovely feelings still kind of carry over. Plus that Martin Luther King holiday is enough to get you up over any little hump, or slump! (that was a joke by the way!!). But by February. . . . hmmmmm. 
 I know, I know, some of you are thinking, come on now Rhea, what are you talking about? There's the wonderfully romantic, sweet Valentine's Day! But let me argue the point!
First of all-- one day. One day to claim your truest and most heartfelt love for that special someone. One day to buy the candy, flowers, cards, special "surprises", sneaky get aways, chocolate, delicatable tastees, sugar cookies with pink frosting (my all time, most favorite by the way!! hint hint!), floosy nightees, well, you know what I'm talking about!! 
 And then, bam. It's over! Whaaaaite?? What happened? Where did all that lovey dovey, kissy kissy facey, oh you deserve all these wonderful "things" because you are the most wonderful "thing" to happen to me, and here are a dozen roses and chocolate to say it all with!!! 
Now, let me see, what was I talking about???? How one day of ecstasy was a waste because it is ONLY one day, and . . . . 
Let me go on. That did not prove my point at all about February!!! Ok, before I go on I must confess!!! 
I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!! I REPEAT! I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY!!! So what if it's only one day! Better one day then none at all!! I'll take what I can get!! 
I bought this valentine card today for my love-- hopefully he won't read this before (he never has that I know of) - but it says something like, "I love you and candy more than anything. . . 
want to make it a threesome??". Pretty well fits me to a tee. Except that it could've said sweets rather than candy. I am an equal opportunist when it comes to sweet stuff!
But I have digressed rather far. 
So my point being. . . I think it had something to do with February and Valentine's. Or February and days off school. Or nothing worth really getting excited about?!! 
Ok, ok, so forget what I started. February is a lovely month. But really - once you get past Valentine's Day it is pretty boring. So we get President's Day. Big whoopie!! No offense to all the presidents [men] but it's kind of a snoozer holiday. Only kids get it off. Sam doesn't. And we get no mail that day. So in reality, it's more of a bummerday than a holiday! Get it? Bummerday. . . holiday??? 
So ok, so we get the lovely Valentine's Day (no school out or days off of course). And then there is President's Day. An "eh" day off. By then, well, we have another what like 10 days to go before Feruary is over??? It is a short month and all!!! And before you know it, it's March!!! woohoo!!
Speaking of draggy months. . . .!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cloud 9 - Heavenly Day!

So last Wednesday was a heavenly day I won't soon forget! Ashley and I spent most of the day at Cloud 9 Spa and were pampered wonderfully! For Christmas, Mark and Sam gave us the gift that keeps on giving!! A spa package!!! It was to die for!! We started out with the full facial (I ignorantly thought this would be a little mask stuff slathered on my face and then a bit of rubbing and massaging it in or something to that effect). Wow! Was I wrong!! Boy, have I been deprived all my life!!! Next came the swedish massage - 50 minutes of heaven.
What more can be said!!
Then they fed us a "light lunch". Which was quite yummy, I might add.

This is the life!
Lastly, we were treated to a pedicure and a manicure. Again, lovely, and wonderful!! We had great gals to work on us! And this is Ashley's new friend, Trisha, who was adorable and lot of fun! Mine was Nikki and she was very sweet and fun to visit with too!
All in all, I great day!! Something I would probably never do again, unless given as a gift. At least not all of it in one day. But, I felt like a spoiled princess for a day, and every girl should have that at least once in their lifetime, right???
Ok, maybe twice!!