Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things that make me happy- right now!

Ok, call me a copy cat, Loretta. But I loved your list of things that make you happy!!
So thought I'd do it too. So here goes:

1. The fatigue you feel after a really good workout!
2. Reading new posts on others' blogs - especially ones that make me laugh
3. Ashley making it through another day still pregnant!
4. sleeping in past 6:30 am
5. most music by John Mayer - (I was more than excited to hear his remake of '"Free Falling" acoustic style!! love it!!! check out my playlist)     
6. A good crying romantic movie! (One I just watched yesterday - "The Magic of    Ordinary Days" - it's a hallmark movie, but was very good. Ash and I cried and ahhhhhhhed!!)  
7. our great fall weather!!!
8. getting that weekly email from Tanner
9. Sunday night dinners with all my kiddos!
10. goofing off with my wonderful laurels!
11. the once in a great whiles that Taylor still kind of snuggles up to me - in his own way! ("mom, scratch my back", putting his arm around me. or plopping down on the couch next to me, and letting me poke and scratch, or hug or ??!)
12. Reading! Reading! Reading!!!!
13. Seeing new places
14. The ocean 
15. Talking to my mama - and being able to!
16. Going out to lunch!!! (and dinner too!)
17. babies and little guys! (especially during church!!!)
18. yummy cookies! 
19. Ice cream - caramel praline!
20. When my hubby walks in the door after work!

I could go on but that's a pretty good start!! I should do this everyday! It really makes you think about all the good stuff in your life!!!