Monday, August 25, 2008

Ramblings of the Week!

1. Ok, I finally feel as though I have maybe succeeded just a tiny bit as a mom! Why you ask??? Well let me tell you!!
Yesterday I happen to use what has been referred to as the "boys" bathroom, or "other" or "guest" bathroom that is upstairs and NOT my bathroom. (No that is not what makes me proud -stay with me!!). But as I'm doing my "bid'ness" I look around and notice that the shower curtain is closed!! And not only that the one towel (we only have one "boy" left at home) he uses to shower is hanging on the towel hook !!!
So my first thought was, "Taylor must not have showered before going to church, cuz the shower curtain is closed and the towel is in it's place, rather than on his bed, or his floor or the ironing board or any other some such place!!" But the more I thought I was pretty sure he had!
Could it be???? Do miracles still exist? After 25 years, 4 kids and millions, no zillions of times asking, nagging, begging, threatening, even trying bribing my kids to close the shower curtain and hanging up their wet towel after showering could I have finally gotten through to at least one of them???
I had to go ask Taylor if he had indeed showered that morning, which he confirmed, and then hugged and squeezed his head (he was sitting at the computer!) and telling him it was a miracle!! The are indeed real!!!
Well, I got the standard "cut it out" look and comment but you know what? There was a smile on his face when he said it!!! (I think he had that wonderful sense of accomplishment feeling!!!). I know I did!!

2. I am reading a very interesting book called "A Train to Potevka" by Mike Ramsdell. He is LDS and was an intelligence agent during the time that the USSR was crumbling and he had a very specific dangerous assignment that goes bad and he has to get back from Siberia to the embassy in Moscow without getting killed!! Anyway, it is very interesting and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is interesting to learn a little more about the russian people, even if the events happened like almost 20 years ago.

3. Ok, I'm working on going off my "meds" right now, which is a very interesting phenomenon. Some of you may be shocked and maybe even dismayed to learn that I take meds for depression. NO big deal. I just like to feel normal, happy and non-anxiety-ed like the rest of you! So you may ask why am I going off them? Well I have learned of a natural pill or supplement that I really want to try and see if it works as well, and without the side effects of anti-depressants. It's called 5-HTP. At least two people I am close to take it and say it is great and so I am doing that.
Well, let me tell you! The last several days as I am weaning myself off, I have been the biggest boo-boo baby there is!! I mean in the crying sense!!! When I am on them it affects me so that I am almost the extreme opposite. (YOu know you want to cry but you can't???) I can almost slice off the anxiety I feel and the irritability and all the other fun things that can come along with or be a part of depression. Can't wait to start the new stuff!!! So if you see me red eyed and crying or screaming like a banchee (what is a banchee anyway??) just either ignore me or humor me. But whatever you do, don't ask me "What's wrong?" You really don't want to hear an answer!!!

4. So my Ashley is 12 weeks along today!!! yea, yea!! I sure am noticing all the little babies lately!!! I just can not wait to be Dahly-gramma!!

5. Sam is my love and my hero!! He works so hard at work, and then in his church calling. And then when he IS home the unlimited list of things for him to do are always right there in front of his face!!! So if you see him dozing up on the stand during church--give him a break will you? He's just trying to catch up on his lost sleep!!

6. Yesterday at church, Taylor was asked to sing in a youth group choir for our Sunday school teacher (who happens to be amazing with music and singing! She's the only person I know personally that has won a grammy. As part of a choir too!) Anyway, she had them sing the medley of "We are as the Army of Helaman/As Sisters in Zion". Have to say-- it made me cry a river!! (of course I AM going off my meds though too!!). It was so very powerful to see these 4 boys and 5 girls singing it. The youth of the church truly are the royal army of today!!! The lesson was on the army of Helaman or the two thousand stripling warriors!! I tell you, we have the stripling warriors of today!! I just love the young women (yea you go Laurels!!! you know who you are!!) and the young men of today!!! Especially 4 awesome, studly young men and 2 beautiful, gloriously wonderful young women of my own !!! Love youMark,Aaron, Tanner and Taylor, and Ashley and Allie!!

Well, I think my rambling mind has rambled enough for the day!! Life is good!!!