Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random recent past!

For Labor Day we went to San Diego to Sam's dad's house, so that Taylor could get his patriarchal blessing from his grandpa. We have loved San Diego since we went there for our honeymoon!! We have spent many a vacations there. Here are a few pics from our trip. It was a great trip--but it was a little different having just one of our kids with us for it.
Seaport Village at night. It was beautiful!!! (that white little circle on the top right was the full moon that added a great deal of ambiance to the evening. The pic just doesn't do it a bit of justice!!)
Taylor contemplating his future on the water's edge at Seaport Village!! (NOT!! Totally posed!)

Dad and son. I just love those guys!!!

Taylor and me working on our rock castle (the beach was too rocky for sand castles!) Ever since my kids were tiny, at the beach this took place with my boys all working together. This time, Taylor was all alone, with no brothers or sister to help. I couldn't stand to watch him working at it alone!

Me and my hunk at the beach!

Me and my baby boy at Oceanside Pier

On the pier at Oceanside - Sam, Taylor and Paula

Tay Tay's first day of college!!! My baby's grown up! And a ham at that!