Friday, September 26, 2008

My Bucket List/ or Things I want to do before I die!

1. Read "War and Peace" (I started once and only got halfway!!)
2. Go to my dream place, Australia (and while I'm so close- New Zealand!)
3. Run a marathon (or at least a half marathon! Ok, maybe even a 5K to start!!)
4. Go on a mission (or 2 or ??) with Sam
5. Learn to speak spanish (through # 4 maybe!!) fluentlly
6. Travel to Russia with Tanner or to pick him up!
7. Travel to England, (my ancestral beginnings) Scotland, and Ireland
8. Oh, heck let's just include all of Europe!
9. Well, might as well say to visit every continent!
10. Visit all 50 states
11. Go to New York and go to a Broadway show
12. Get a tatoo. . . . . . . (j/k! got your attention though!!)
13. See all my children get married in the temple
14. Be a fun, spoiling grandma to all my grandkids (not just to the first ones!!! HOpefully be healthy enough to do this!)
15. See all my children be successful in all aspects of life-- but especially spiritually!
*16. skydive (This was on my list years ago - been there done it!! Twice! can cross it off now!)
17. Go on at least one more cruise (farther than Baja Cali!) but would never limit it to just one more!!!
18. Wear a size 4 again!!
19. Write a children's book