Friday, November 7, 2008

A little of this, a lot of that!

Top to bottom: Allie and Aaron (Ok, so I need an updated pic of you two!); Tanner and ?? other Elders; A Russian family-not sure if they are investigators or members!! (all we get are the pics-no explanations); Sam and Zach (our cutie great nephew) opening one of Sam's B-day presents!; Ashley showing off her sexy pose- hand on belly and all!!!; Taylor waiting to go in for offense. A "scary" Halloween game!

Wow!It's been almost two weeks since I last posted!! Imagine that! How the time does fly! We've had Halloween (no big whoopie here. It was sooooo anti-climatic from the week end before and our lovely costumes, parties and such!). There was nothing going on party wise for us ON Halloween, and Taylor had a football game that night. So that was our thrill!! I didn't even buy candy or pass any out. We weren't home!! Oh wait, we did go to the Browns for chile and cornbread!! Thanks Tricia and Rod!! That was fun and oh so good!! But we had to eat and run to make the game!! What are these schools thinking, putting silly football games on Halloween night??

Well, besides that I have been doing a lot of babysitting my "baby girl" Ash! She is still hangin' in there. Yesterday, she had a doctor's appt. and the latest is that the baby has some fluid around his heart. I guess that means that it is having to work harder for some reason. So we are still praying for her and him to hang on tight!! See the above picture of her comfortable position she's had to stay in for the past couple of weeks and hopefully a lot more too! Now some of you may say, "she is so lucky! She gets to lay around all day and night too!" But I can tell you--not as one who has lived through it herself, but one who is witness to it and all, it is not what it is all cracked up to be!! She can lay only on her sides. So she shifts back and forth. She can get up to use the restroom and to shower, but that is the extent of her getting around. No sitting up, on her back, stomach, sitting in the car for any longer than to my house(a block maybe) and to the doctor. While Mark is at work and school, I am her personal, and loving, caregiver! This is in no way a complaint, but it has definitely put a damper on my carefree, come as I go way of life! I have been in that state for far too long and so am adjusting to "having" to be somewhere at a certain time and place! I have been trying to come up with a cause or a way to give more. I think the Lord decided to make the next move for me!! Sorry Ash, that it involved you and the baby!! Ok, I am kidding. Really! Truly!! IT's NOT just all about me in this life!!! Anyhoo, life goes on and we live it!!! Ain't it great???

Another new thing, Sam turned another year older on Wednesday. Happy Birthday my love! Don't want to give away his age but he is one year shy of THE biggie!!! I leave it to you to figure out which one is THE biggie!! (when you look at us and realize the age of our kids, it's not that hard to figure out!!!)

Also, Thursday was my dear dad's 84th birthday! Wow! Keep on keeping on Dad!!! And MOm too!!

So that is what this family has been up to! Not too exciting. I could tell you lots of stories of creative stuff I do all day long and night too.(haha OR show wonderful, adorable pictures of my kids -- oh, wait, I did that, didn't I???

Update on Aaron and Allie:

Aaron and Allie are cute as always, and busy, busy, busy with school and work as always!!! Lately, we have seen them, but not together. For instance, for my birthday, Allie came on the Sunday before, without Aaron. He had some major midterms to study for. Then the next night, on my b-day, Aaron came, without Allie, cuz she had class!! So it's a great treat when they both come and together!! Just remember what our bishop told me and Sam when we were students. He said that life will just get busier and to enjoy the time you have now!! (We honestly thought he was crazy, back then, but in some respects he was right on!!)

Speaking of Aaron and Allie-- they did come to Taylor's football game on Halloween. They came about 3rd or maybe first part of 4th quarter. NOw up to this time, Gilbert was ahead and doing fine. As they walked up to the paybooth, they heard the announcer say something about Gilbert fumbling, on the 1 yard line!! Yes, he was about to make a touchdown, got tackled and fumbled!!! From there, it just got scarier, than worse, then in overtime, just downright disgusting!!!! (Gilbert lost to Chandler 35-42!). So here's the spooky part!!! Aaron and Allie have only come to 3 of Taylor's games. Not that that is bad, actually it is great that they came to 3! But, and here's the freaky part, the 3 games that Gilbert lost this season, are the 3 that Aaron and Allie came to!!! Think about it!!! Could it be they are cursed??? I mean two of the three they lost in the last few seconds or in overtime!! The other, well, actually, I think Aaron and Allie came earlier than usual!! I don't know Allie!!! I just don't know!!! Maybe we need to have you two exorcized or something!!!

Tanner update:
Tanner is still doing the Elder stuff in Russia. I was just going through the last pics he sent (which are pretty old by now!) But was enjoying the videos he sent also. He is a funny guy! He is in Sochi now. It is where the winter Olympics will be in 2014. I'm still waiting for pics of there. He is not real timely with his pictures! Maybe I'll actually see them when he gets home!! Or maybe, just maybe, Kelcey, his girlfriend has them!! No, I won't go there, AGAIN! But we anxiously wait to get his emails every week. I DID get my very own birthday, handwritten letter, in the actual mail, for my birthday!! It came a week or two after, but, boy was I thrilled!! It's great! Another of those wonderful paydays!!

Just to quote a few lines:

"So mom, do you know that I love you!? Because I do very much!! YOu are the bestest mom that anyone could ask for. I miss annoying you with all that I do!! haha But that was just my way of showing you that I love you!! You have always been such a great example to me mom both in things of the world and with gospel things. Thank you so much for stressing the importance of the gospel always!! It has helped me so much and I can already see so many blessings I have received from being part of this family and church!!!! . . ."
Isn't it so so great!!?

Well, enough is enough and I still have to see if I can figure out the picture vs. the words thing. I need some expert help, someone out there!!!
Have a great one!