Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And now for the procrastinator's finale!

Well ok, my motto has just been switched from "Better late than never", to "Good intentions never die, you just do"!!!

So in light of it being December 1st, Thanksgiving over and done with, and that feeling that I MUST complete, I must!! I will just finish up my Days of Gratitude in one fell swoop - no clever explanations; no sorry - just ain't gonna do it - just my list of, what # am I on????? 20???? I'm even going to resort to the obvious and givens!!! So here goes!!

Days of Gratitude:
20 - I am grateful for temples. The AZ one in particular! (my all time fave!!)
21 - I am grateful for my children. All grown up and all!! Miss them being around a lot but it's so great to know they are so capable and great!!!
22 - Grateful for coconut cream pie!!
23 - grateful for my calling as Laurel Advisor. Love, love, love it!
24 - grateful for my siblings. Quirks and all!
25 - grateful for Sam's family
26 - grateful for food, glorious food!!
27 - grateful for music!!! Almost all kinds!!! Especially 70's music!!!! (that dates me!!)
28 - grateful for poetry
29 - grateful for my Savior
30 - grateful for my Father in Heaven and the knowledge that He lives and loves me!

There!!! Done!!!
I'm grateful that this is over!!!! And that Christmas season is here!!! Deck the Halls, Hallelujah, Joy to the World and all the rest!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nov. 19th - #17 day of gratitude

#17 day of Gratitude

I am grateful, along with 50 million other females for the book/movie series Twilight! This is in honor of "New Moon" coming out tonight at midnight!!! No, I will not be one of the crazies staying up all night to see it, but I do want to and hopefully will go in the morning!!!
What is it that has grabbed so many of us? Vampires? Werewolves? Romantic sickening love?
I can understand the appeal for all the teenage girls!! But me and most of my friends are not young blossoms!!! I know part of it is getting all caught up in the thrill and hype of it! Everyone around us is going nuts, so it's fun to jump on the bandwagon!!!
But it has to be more than that!! We are all dreamers!!! We all love adventure, underdogs, romance to the gazillion times, old fashioned guys who respect the girls!! And of course, perfection!!! We love that Eduard is perfectly beautiful and perfectly in love with Bella!! Ahhhhhh. Siiiigggggghhhhhhh. It's a girl's total fantasy!!!
Of course, what also thrills me is that not only is Eduard in love with her, but hunky Jacob is too!! I MUST BOLDLY STATE: I LOVE JACOB!!!!! Yes, I like Edward, but Jacob?!!! He was always there for Bella. When things got tough, he was there for her!!! Yes, I have strong feelings for him--almost more than for Eduard. What can I say? I'm a rebel, I know!!!
But who wouldn't be thrilled with not one, but two gorgeous hunks, totally different, but gorgeous just the same, in love with and fighting over you? Admit it!! It is a beautiful thought!

Nov. 18th - #16 day of gratitude

#16 day of Gratitude-
I am grateful for good teeth. I have been blessed with good genes when it comes to teeth. So far. I never went to the dentist growing up. Literally, the first time I went was when I was 19 years old. My parents grew up during the depression. And so the mantra, "If it ain't broken, why fix it?" was something they lived by. I never had a tooth ache or cavity or problem with my teeth. So the summer I was 19, right before heading up to BYU, I could see a little black line in one of my teeth, so it was determined I should check it out. So days before leaving, I went to the dentist. Had 8 small cavities. He filled them all at once--seeing as I was leaving for BYU too soon to come back. And I have had no others since. I hope this good luck continues. Oh, also, I never needed to wear braces. Which is good for me, because even if I would've needed to, I doubt that would have been an option for me!! Lucky me!!!

Nov. 17th - #15 day of gratitude

#15 day of gratitude

I am grateful for puppies. So, no, I do not have one. We had a dog once. His name was Nicky. He died. He actually was a great dog.
But I love puppies! Some day, when my husband allows me (ha, Sam will appreciate that statement!!), I want my own little puppy. Well, what I really want is a tiny little teacup poodle (my ultimate dream dog) or another very small sized loveable doggy who always looks like a puppy, even full grown! It will be my baby. My unconditionally, always loves me, never talks back to me, always wants kisses, only has eyes for me, never grows up and leaves me baby! I guess you could say I am thinking above the mark. Being thankful for something I don't have yet??!! But I do really love puppies! And most babies of any type!(Except scorpions, spiders, roaches, etc you get the picture!) So, maybe, I should have said;
I am grateful for babies of all types!!!

Nov. 16th - # 14 day of gratitude

#14 day of gratitude
I am grateful for my name. Rhea was my paternal grandmother's nickname. I don't know all the details and I don't know if anyone really did, but for some reason Martha Marie turned into Rhea. (I'm really glad I got the nickname though!)
Anyway, it is original. I rarely meet another one. There's Rhea, the mother of Zeus. the Rhea bird, which is similar to an ostrich only smaller. There is Rhea Perlman, the wife of Danny Devito, and co star of the old series "Cheers". (Ok, she is not really one I want to claim!). There is Caroline Rhea (she took over for Rosie O'donnell, and also, was in that show with the witches??? can't remember the name at this time!). But I don't know if I can even count her at all, because she pronounces it like "Ray" - can you believe that??
I like that I am named after my grandmother. I have some memories of her. I was about 12 or 13 when she died. When the family was going through her stuff after she died, they found a bible of hers, with the name "Rhea Whatcott" in it (which was my name at the time!). So it was unanimous that I should get that! I thought that was pretty cool as a 12 yr. old. Not too shabby for a 48 yr. old too, even though I never have found a large stash of money hidden in it or anything!!
But, even though it is not at the top of the "most popular names of the decade"-well, it's not or never has been on the list even, I happen to like it a lot. What I can't figure out though, is that no one I know, am close to, or have birthed have shown any inclination or interest is naming one of their offspring after me!!!

Nov. 15th - #13 day of gratitude

#13 day of gratitude

I am grateful for sparkley things!
I love jewelry that sparkles, glittery things that sparkle, blingey things that sparkle and eyes that sparkle!! Anything shiny and pretty and girly, I like! So the styles these days with bling, and decor around the house glittery? The more the better, I say! Hey, skulls at Halloween-glitterize them and they're pretty even!!! My awesome daughter in law and daughter gave me these flip flops that are all blinged out!!! Love them!!! Thanks guys!! I sure hope this trend stays with us for awhile!!!

Nov. 14th - #12 day of gratitude

#12 day of gratitude-

I am grateful for Arizona falls. Don't you just love the weather now? So it comes a little later than other parts of the country. But it is here. So enjoy the cool cool mornings (at 6:30 am couple of days ago, it was 38 degrees F. when Sam and I went running!), and balmy, nippy nights!!! During the summer months I dreamed of these days. I couldn't wait for these cool mornings. Drooled (more like sweat and stunk!) for the day when I didn't constantly feel at the boiling point, in dire need of water, and just down right miserable! My memory has been understandably jogged as to the reason I live here. (I repeatedly asked myself many times a day during our hot summer!)

Nov. 13th - #11 day of gratitude

#11 day of gratitude --
I am grateful for repentance.
I am the world's worst procrastinator. I admit it. And thus, I am catching up my days of gratitude, 9 days behind!!! But, you know, that's what "sorry", and" will you forgive me", and "better late than never" is for!!! I happen to claim that last one as my very own personal motto!!! But luckily, the Savior forgives and we can change, and do better. And so, some day, I will not be a procrastinator and have to apologize all the time and actually do things when I plan and say I will. But, until then, I can always do it tomorrow!!

Nov 12th - #10 day of gratitude

#10 - I am grateful for my daughter. I know that is a given. So let me explain.

Of course, I am grateful for my daughter, Ashley. My only baby girl, born to me. She is wonderful and awesome and beautiful and one of my best friends! And I love her very much.
But to add to this, let me just say--I am so grateful she is my hairdresser too!! I have the best! Not only that, though, is I get the special "mother of the hairdresser" discount on my cuts, colors, and on hair products at the stores only licensed hair people can get!!! Is that a blessed and wonderful perk or what? Believe me, BAWH (before Ashley was a hairdresser), my hair and style, and upkeep was pretty sad. Well, let's just say, that saying "You're not getting older, you're getting better", applies to me. Or at least to my hair!!!
So thank you Ashley!!! Love you, punkin!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov. 11th - 9th day of gratiutude

Ok, I have so blown it so I will just continue on like nothing happened. Which is exactly what happened for what, 9 days????

#9 - thrift stores (and in that same category and at a lesser degree, garage sales!)

I love thrift stores. Good Will, Savers, D.I. - you name it I will hit. But these three seem to be the ones I cruise! I can tell you what days are the deal days. For Good Will, Tuesdays are Senior citizen day - 25% off for S.C.'s. Used to be 50%, so was so worth dragging your grandma down with you to buy your treasures for you. (Of course, if you inherited your love of thrift stores from that senior citizen, as I did from my mother, all you have to do is say something to the effect, Yo, mom, Good will, you, me now!!" And she beats me out the door, handicap hanger in hand!! Oh, yea, up close and personal!!).
Thursdays!! OH my THURSDAYS!!! Good Will's deal!! The color tag of the week - $1.00!!!! Oh, and the week of the week!!! (items are marked by the week somehow!). Then there is the every other Saturday, everything in the store is 50% off! Oh, and every day a particular color tag is 50% that day! It's the store that just keeps on giving!!!
Of course, DI's everyday prices are better than Goodwill's, especially books (which as you know I love!). But for the most up to date styles, Savers really is the best bet!!!

So there. I have outed myself!!! I, R.D., am a thrift store addict!! I love the thrill of the hunt!! The treasure hunt!!! It's pretty amazing and fun to see all the "stuff" you can get there. Yes, 90% may be junk! But that 10% is the draw!! Oh me oh my! And the draw it is!!!
There. I feel all tingly inside for admitting it!! It feels so good not to have to hide it anymore!!

Nov. 10th - # 8th day of gratitude

# 8 -
Friends. Nuf said!! Love you all to death!

Nov. 9th - # 7 day of gratitude

# 7 - Computers. Well, actually, the internet and all that that entails = email, blogs, facebook, youtube, craigslist, and all things good, and communicative, and time consuming and interactive and virtually real????!!!! (But really, it all, including the computer, is such an amazing invention!!) I am old enough to have lived without them, and I'm telling you, it's all so very good!!! Technology!!! Gotta love it!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nov. 8th - # 6 day of Gratitude

#6 Missionaries.
I am a missionary mom. So, of course I love missionaries. It's funny how much I not only love my misisonary son, but all the nephews and friends of my sons, as well as sons of friends serving too!! When each one leaves I feel a tiny bit of my heart goes with them! There really is nothing quite like having a child out. The thrill, excitement, ache, longing and pride that goes with the territory is all there. It's a great "club" to be a member of. One that you are happy to join, and even happier to be kicked out of!!!
Tanner, I love you. Can't wait till you get home in about 5 months. Taylor will be leaving soon (in the next few months) and the mixed emotions will start all over again!!

Nov. 7th - # 5 day of gratitude

I am grateful for books. More than you will know. Well, some of you know. They have been my hobby, entertainment, counsel, emotional outlet, escape, best friend, and just always there for me. When I don't have time to read I feel as though I have been neglecting a friend. And that I am sorely deprived!!!
I have two signs in my house - on my bookshelves, by the way- one says, "A home without books is like a body without a soul". I truly feel this way.
The other one says, "Books fall open, and you fall in". I was given this one, by someone who knows me all too well!! Don't even come looking or try to find me once I've fallen in!! I'll come out when I'm done and dang well ready!!

Nov. 6th - # 4

In honor of my father's 85th birthday, today, I have to say how grateful I am for him. In his quiet way he taught me by example the importance of gospel, family, responsibility and love.
Also, I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father. Especially for the knowledge that I have that he lives and that He knows me personally, is aware of me and cares and loves me very much.
So grateful for the father of my children, too.
Where would we be without fathers???

Nov. 5th - # 3

#3 - Sam. The love of my life! Happy 50th birthday, studmuffin!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day #2 of Gratitude

I am grateful for all things sweet. Cookies, cake, candy, brownies, chocolate, of course!!! Anything that fills my sweet tooth. Unfortunately, they love me too!!! I have always admired people who can eat one cookie and then walk away, thinking, "that was a delicious cookie, now I think I'll go make a phone call or get to work on cleaning or audit that account or whatever happens to be something other than reaching for another cookie or sweet!! I can eat one plate of dinner-even food I enjoy, but put a macademia nut, white chocolate cookie in front of me, or sugar cookie with butter cream frosting under my nose, and I will follow you anywhere!!! To hell and back, even!!
But I digress from the point of this post!
Just think what life would be like without sweets! Skinnier, yes, but so very unjoyful! The interesting thing about sweets are that they are so very hard to quit, and yet oh so easy to start up again!! Why is that? Is sugar an addictive substance? What do you think?
I go back and forth. On the one hand, I catch myself sometimes eating a half dozen delictables before it's registered in my brain what I've just done, and then my stomach then, "ahems" to my mouth and taste buds that it's feeling rather sick and it might be good to stop at that point. And yet on the other hand, I just can't imagine living a life totally and completely sugar free. I mean for every day of my life for the rest of my life!!! Even if I was diabetic, I would eat sugar free stuff for that sweet flavor!! Ok, maybe that's another "for" sugar being addictive!
Whatever is the honest truth about it, sweets add sweetness, pleasure, and joy to my life!! And that's what man is for!! That we might have joy!!!
While I'm quoting others, "moderation in all things" is good one too!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Month 'O Gratitude

Ok, so I am so way past behind that I am in front of behind!!! (follow me???). It's been, what, like a month and a half or two since I last posted? It's not for a lack of material. On the contrary. I've got gads of pictures on my camera, and events have come and gone that I planned to post. But lo and behold, they come, they go. So a summary of the Reader's Digest version:
1) my birthday, on the 20th
2) Halloween - costumes - Sammy the Bull, and Rhea the matador
3) Lake trip with the kiddos and hubby

So, on to my true post.
I will admit right up front and center. I am copying another's blog idea. But so what? I liked the idea and as the saying goes, copying is the highest form of flattery, right????
So, I decided to do the "Gratitude a day" thingy!! It is, after all, the month of Thanksgiving. So what better thing to write about. So I will try and not be too sappy or even predictable, but I make no promises!!!
(Oh, and yes I realize I missed the first 3 days of November!!! So sue me!!)

1) I am grateful for running. I can't even believe I said that!! If you would've told me a year ago that I would've said I am grateful for running, let alone that I do it, I would've pretty much laughed in your face. I have never been a runner in my life!! I have always hated running!! Not just thought poorly of it, mind you, HATED it!!! I am short. Yes, 5' 2 and 3/4" is considered short. And my legs are even shorter. (g0 figure!). So my stride compared to the average person is a fifth maybe!!! Well, half anyway! So one of my excuses has been, that it takes so much more energy for me!!! Also, it takes my breath away!! And it hurts! Why would I do something so dangerous to my health??
Well, Sam and I somehow started. How? Why? Well, it started with walking. To get in shape for the trek back in May. After that was over, I figured it would all fizzle out, like all my work out programs. But something clicked! I don't know what. Or why, or how! It just did. Maybe the planets all aligned, or the running gods smiled down upon us, but somehow, Sam and I continued on with our walking (through the summer no less!!). Well, one thing led to another, and I got pregnant. (gotcha!! Just seeing if you stayed with me!!). NOT. But one thing did lead to another, and we decided to try running a bit. Just a bit. A bit turned into a length, which turned into a half mile. Then, from there it was all uphill!! (Not really on these AZ roads, but you get the drift!). We are now up to 3 miles!!! I can't even believe it myself!!
But just so you know--It does take more energy for me and my short legs. And it still takes my breath away. And it hurts!!!!
But can I just say? When we take that last running step of the 3 miles, it feels soooo good!!! (Not physically,a t that point anyway. Give me a couple of minutes to catch my breath and cool down) There's nothing like doing something that you thought you never would do!!!
And maybe, just maybe, I'll someday be able to run 4 miles!!
At what point can you claim to be "a runner"?????

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random recent past!

For Labor Day we went to San Diego to Sam's dad's house, so that Taylor could get his patriarchal blessing from his grandpa. We have loved San Diego since we went there for our honeymoon!! We have spent many a vacations there. Here are a few pics from our trip. It was a great trip--but it was a little different having just one of our kids with us for it.
Seaport Village at night. It was beautiful!!! (that white little circle on the top right was the full moon that added a great deal of ambiance to the evening. The pic just doesn't do it a bit of justice!!)
Taylor contemplating his future on the water's edge at Seaport Village!! (NOT!! Totally posed!)

Dad and son. I just love those guys!!!

Taylor and me working on our rock castle (the beach was too rocky for sand castles!) Ever since my kids were tiny, at the beach this took place with my boys all working together. This time, Taylor was all alone, with no brothers or sister to help. I couldn't stand to watch him working at it alone!

Me and my hunk at the beach!

Me and my baby boy at Oceanside Pier

On the pier at Oceanside - Sam, Taylor and Paula

Tay Tay's first day of college!!! My baby's grown up! And a ham at that!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Encinas Ward Campout - 2009

This weekend we (Sam and me) actually went to our ward campout!! It was a lot of fun and so deliciously cool! I loved it! You may not believe this, but I am not a camper! Or at least, so I thought!! I love the mountain air, and the beauty, and gorgeous weather and all, it just never seemed a big enough trade off for the hassle of packing everything, including the kitchen sink, cooking in dirt, having no showers for the duration, attempting to keep track of rambunctious kids who just want to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, and last, but not in the least bit, least, the bathroom facilities, or lack thereof!!!
So back to the campout!! Wonderful weather! Beautiful beauty! Just one night and I don't even have to cook (so no kitchen sink!)!! Sleeping arrangements fine!! (Could've been in cabins; with the bats, mice and spiders however-and so we chose to sleep in the bed of our truck--set up very comfy by my wonderful hubby!! Potential for romance under the stars - WITHOUT the ward!). AND great bathroom facilities -- a few feet from our truck!! What more could we have asked for????

**(Warning: the next 3 pics have to be some of the most adorable pictures around!!)
"Bishop" Warren giving us "the word"!!
The future "Aaronic Priesthood" practicing passing the sacrament!!

Here they are "preparing" the water for the sacrament! Blake Early (middle) found some sac. cups at the sacrament table here (at the outdoor chapel there)!! Sam and I came upon these scenes and were very entertained with their "play"!

cleaning and packing up on Saturday morning

The rope swing, and playing in the dirt!! (Ahh life is grand!)

Sam packing up our "bed"! (He's silly!)
Me and my man in/on our bed!!!

Shannonrella, cleaning up while the kids create!

Nurse Susan with one of her little "patients"! Hope her pinky finger is ok, and not broken!

Ciela and Ally pal-ing around!! What cutie pies!
Jody and Donnie "happy" to see me!! (don't mess with Donnie or he''ll kill ya with that look!!)

Kellee looking lovely as always!

The Ewer "pad"!! If you click on and enlarge you can actually see Rachel smiling and Matthew and Cassandra!!! Monica and Mike being their friendly selves!!!


I must give a great big shout out and "thanks" to those wonderful young-uns who were so enamored with the whole scene, that they stayed up the whole night to enjoy it!!!! They made sure we ALL "enjoyed" it too!!! (ahhhhh, sweet revenge!! Now who's with me???)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

2/3rds Of The Way!

Sixteen months ago today, Tanner entered the MTC to begin his 2 year adventure as "Elder Dahl" in the Russia, Rostov-na-danu (it is something totally unreadable to the average American, on his name tag now!).
I can't believe that 2/3rds of his mission is over! It has flown by and yet it seems like forever ago! Having lived through two other of these strange time continuums, I know that this is normal. The first year or so flies by like nothing. But the second year, and in particular the last third, seems to drag on fo-e-ver (imagine The Sandlot kid saying this--over and over!!). Anywho, just had to note the day, say that I am so very proud of Sir Tanner. There's nothing quite like being a missionary mom! Half crazy with pride, and the other half, just crazy!!!!
Love that boy!!
Mom's are usually the priviledged ones to pin on their name tags for the first time!!! (Or used to be--now they don't even get to walk them inside. Just push them out the door at the curbside!!!)

Below: Posing with the fam before the cry-fest!!!

Below: This is one of the most current pictures of Tanner, here with his companion, Elder Hanks. They are demonstrating how luxurious and huge the senior couple they were with's (The Gregersens) hotel bathtub was. Not sure where they had to sleep. I hope it wasn't here in the tub!!
Here with Sister and Elder Gregersen and Elder Hanks, at the beach at a town called Novorisssskkkk)???), or something to that effect!! (I could easily be way off on that!! They traveled with the Gregersens to be their interpreters while visiting the branch in that city)
I do realize that he will come home no longer my baby boy, but my son, who is a man. Again, I have seen this happen with Aaron, and seen Ashley come back grown up. It is bittersweet! It's what we all have hoped, dreamed and prayed for. And yet, when it happens, we have to bid farewell to that part of our lives where we were always needed, and go from being needed and loved to just loved.
It's not all bad, I promise. But when I let myself dwell on it for any length of time I feel a little sad, and sentimental for a time when there was noisy, mischievous, silly and adorable little boys and a sweet girl running around the house and driving me crazy!! (At that time in my life, I used to fantasize about this stage in my life!! And let me tell you, the grass is ALWAYS greener. . . .)
So as one who is in a new stage (my youngest just graduated from high school, and starting preparing for HIS mission), one that I have been dreading, enjoy those little ones!!! I know I didn't as much as I could have!!!
I'll tell all those young mothers who dream of calmer days-"they grow up so fast! Enjoy 'em while you can!!" (bless their hearts!).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun times!

(Sorry these are in random order!! Gotta get better at this!)

Taylor, Mark and Ashley "snuggling" at the hotel in Lakeside!

Taylor smiling "pretty" with his bloody mouth!

This past weekend we went up to Lakeside (North. AZ in the white mtns.) where it is cool!! The occasion was to witness and celebrate my niece, Whitney's wedding.She and Michael were married in the Snowflake temple. Everything was beautiful, especially the bride!

As bonus, we got a hotel and stayed up there for two days, rather than sprinting up there and back in one day. Loved, loved, loved the weather! Mark and Ashley went too, so in between the wedding in the morning, and the reception in the evening we napped a bit, and played a little at the bowling alley!
FYI-Ash won with a her high score of 129!!! Taylor lost - but it was close: score of 43
Ashley getting a little cocky with that high score of hers!!!

Whitney and Michael coming out of the temple after their sealing! AAAAHHHHH! How cute!

On Monday, Taylor had his wisdom teeth out in preparation for mission papers. Here he is as the assistants are walking him out to the car. He video-ed himself many times after this, but this gives a little taste of his drug-i-ness!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy 24th of July, and talks in church!

What up, everyone?
Just thought I'd put some super duper thoughts out there.
I have to talk in church on Sunday, (thank you very not much, Mark!!), and it is on, ta da dadum--- pioneers!! Shock and awe, you say!! Pioneers, in July, two days after the 24th??? How clever Mark is!
But I digress- so he wants me to somehow weave in some things I've learned from being a "Ma" on the trek into the topic. Like I can now speak as an expert for the early pioneers, having deprived myself of food, house, a good bed, and most of all a flushing toilet!!! (Ok, maybe I can speak a little like one. . . ). 
I struggle with this. 
 What more can I say that hasn't been said? What twist or new or different turn can I take that will lift and inspire those who will be listening (which will not be a ton, seeing as half the ward will be gone!). 
We all know that the early pioneers SACRIFICED, SACRIFICED, SACRIFICED for their faith. Many sacrificed the ultimate price for their faith. We know that! Don't you already know that?? And that we should liken their sacrifices to our lives now?? Who hasn't heard this? We all know and believe that we should and can follow their fine examples and give our all to the cause of the gospel, our God, our religion, our families.(What is that title of liberty thingy??) 
 So what more can I say?Maybe because I was so involved for so long beforehand, with the trek, but, personally, I am not in the mood anymore, for awhile!!! 

Now, don't get me wrong, I love, love, love the pioneers, and all the stories. 

Heck, Sam's great-great-great grandfather died in the Willie Handcart company. 

And my  great grandfather came over from Australia with his family at the age of 5--and we have a wonderful faith promoting story- about how he was lost, and the company needed to move on, and his mother wouldn't leave without him, so they left her with her trunk and then they looked back and she was praying, so they felt guilty leaving her, so came back for her, and she then told them exactly where to go to find him and they looked and here he came walking toward them and then he showed them where he spent the night, on a big rock, and all around it were the searchers footprints, AND wild animal prints! 

I have read many many of these same types of stories. And, of course, the horribly sad, and unbearable ones where everyone dies in their sleep from the cold!!

But, my point is, IT'S ALL BEEN SAID BEFORE!! And before and before and before!!! And recently, before!!! I don't know what more to say!!!
Maybe I will just stand up and say, "Do as the pioneers did. Have faith. Sacrifice. Trust in God. And all will be well in Zion, even if we should die!!" 
What do you say? Is it a hit of a talk??? (at least it is short!! And kinda sweet!!)
Oh, and by the way, Happy 24th of July - Pioneer Day- (to those who have never heard about it! It's a great story!!!) 

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Six days and counting!! Sam and I have stuck with it for six days now. Our diet that is. It's not a really fun one, I might add, but boy I think it's doing the trick!!! 

Now if I can really and truly convince myself that good is bad and bad is good (taste that is!!) I'll be doing fine!!!

It has made all the difference to have Sam on board and more committed to it than me! Those first three days especially--all he would've had to say is, "let's bag this stinken diet" and I would've wrapped my loving arms around him and told him he was the sun, moon and the stars!!! Now, let's eat! 
It's getting a little bit easier at turning down chocolate, cookies, candy, graham crackers with frosting, bread, chips, did I say chocolate?? 
 No, I lie!! But my resolve must be getting stronger!!!
So time marches on! Glory glory hallalujah!!! (funny that that's what's playing on the player right now!!! And they say music doesn't influence us!!).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Days gone by!

Sam and I started a diet today. Ok, so I have had two meals on this diet so far.
Breakfast consisted of 2 eggs. Lunch was 3 cups of lettuce and 1 cup of "other" approved vegies along with a chicken breast cut up in the salad. Oh, and I am allowed crystal light type drink. We get the same for dinner. This is for the first 3 days. No breads, starches, sugar, fruits even. I don't know why not. It just says it on my papers. After the first 3 days there are a "little" more items added to your menu. I got this diet from one of our last Relief Society Enrichments. I don't even know what it's called. But we are committed to it, Sam and I! Together!! Gosh darn it!
I have been meaning to update my blog for, what, 2 weeks now?Thanks to this diet, I am now doing it. What, you may ask has dieting got to do with updating my blog???? Well, it is 3:04 pm. and I am starving!! Not in the Africa, drought, and third world country starving (although try telling my stomach that!!), but in the -"What the freak am I doing, and I want chocolate, cookies, no, no, no, I will not give into it!!! I can do hard things! I can do hard things!! I can do things. I can do. . . . I can. I can. I can!
So in order to keep my mind, and more importantly, my hands, busy--I am posting a new blog, and it is about days gone by.
Starting with where I left off in my last blog!! So here it goes. I did the pictures backward so we will go with most current and work back!!
Over fourth of July weekend, we had our Bi -annual (or every two years that is!) Dahl Reunion.
We had it up at Hawley Lake on the Apache Indian Reservation in the White Mtns. of Az. It was gorgeous. It was John and Mylie's (Sam's brother and wife) turn to plan it, and this is a place they have come for years for Mylie's side of the family. They have cabins you can rent, and we had 3, right next to each other.

                                    Sam, John and Emily early in the morning, fishing.
Not too shabby scenery here!! This was right outside our cabins, looking out.
Blast off!!!
Ok, so here is where the backwardness loses the affectiveness of the pics. But we had a rocket contest on the 4th of July. We were paired up to "build" our rockets. Then shot them off with a pressurized contraption, John built. (You use 2 liter pop bottles and fill them about 1/2 full)
It was a BLAST!! (get it???). It really was though!!!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

The crowds went wild!!!!!!

The lovely couple! (Paula and Mark with their "baby")

Sam and Ashley "building" their rocket! (Some nepotism going on here-their names were drawn as a pair!)
Actually, these sneaky guys are the ones who rigged it so they could be together!! Matching shirts and all!!! (Taylor and Coy!)
Dad Dahl and Phyllis. Whooping it up on the 4th of July!!!

Talent show night brought us the Dahl Brothers (or the Dahl Four!) singing "I'm a mormon boy". Reliving their childhoods, when their mom had them sing this in Sacrament meeting (in "days gone by"!!)

Some sick ritual the Dahls participate in! (Sam, Jon, and Coy playing their nose flutes, and the flags on the hats-- only "The Shadow" knows!!!). OK, let's just call it what it is--they are bizarre!

So to sum it all up, Dahl Reunion 2009--Hawley Lake, AZ--a great time was had by all. And we missed those of you that were serving the Lord (Tanner, Michael, Matthew), couldn't get off work, or otherwise occupied. Don't take this too harshly, BUT, it was your loss!! (not ours!!) J/K We really did miss all you guys that weren't there!!!
So working backwards!!
I don't have any pics to prove it-- but on July 1st--the day before we left for the reunion--I, Ashley, Allie, Heather (my niece), Paula (my sister in law), Heidi and Natalie (my nieces from Utah) all went to see. . . . . W-I-C-K-E-D!!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . Heidi and Natalie flew in that day and Paula had driven in from Cali the night before. To preparolize ourselves most properly-- Paula treated us all to a pedicure. So toes glamified, we all headed off for a night o funsy. (Check Ashley's blog-she has actual proof we were there!!!)
On June 27th-- we had a Trek reunion with our "family" combined with the other "families" from Encinas Ward. Thanks to Oliver and Fina, we had an awesome Luau--with great food, and the best show, put on by her Tausala dance group. Only 3 of our 10 kids were able to come. We missed our "kiddos"! But we're glad Nick, and Alexis, and Tristan were there!!
Me (Ma Dahl, Emerald (my bff and laurel, and Ma Keil!!). AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SO PRECIOUS!!!!

During the show, they had us come up and learn to hula with them!

Of course, the guys were "taught" too!! Love how Mark Early is waaayyy into it, second from right!!! Good job, Pa Early!!
That about wraps up what I've been doing for the past 3 weeks. Due to more time on my hands, (and stomach!), stay tuned. More often. More details. You may learn things about me you wish you never knew!!
And remember, diets and blogging are a lovely pair!!
I think I'll go scrub the toilets or something, now!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane!

So, I made it through.

I know, I know, no one feels too terribly bad for me.

I went on the trek--aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, poor thing, I know you are thinking. As you should!

But then, I add on that the day after we got back, Sam and I left for Seattle, for our Alaskan cruise. @%^$&*!#%@8#!!! Now don't hate me because I'm lucky!! (I could've said, "don't hate me because I'm beautiful!" -remember that commercial??) but then, you'd laugh at me! Just trust me, that the cruise was well appreciated after the wonderful, spiritual, long walking, sore feeted, freezing cold, and rainy, wet bedding'd, growing and learning as we go, HARD trek!! It was a "plethora" of experiences and feelings that can only be described as, "you had to be there!"

The next morning after back from the cruise, I "happily" headed to girls camp for 3 days. That was great--a nice, happy medium-(not that I needed a happy medium from the cruise!). And boy, did we leaders (and the girls, I suppose!) have one crazy, sleepless, fun time! Remember people, "what happens at girls camp, stays at girls camp"!!!

So without further adieu:

Gilbert Stapley Stake Trek - 2009

The "Dahl" Family!! After making homemade candles! We were so proud!!

"Pa" and "Ma" Dahl shaking hands after a fair tug o' war with the boy Dahls and Ma, and and the girl Dahls and Pa, tugging it out!! The boys won with the help of Ma!!!

Me and my real Dahl boy, Taylor.

Sam making sure he documents himself--with Taylor and his "family" pulling in the background!

This was during the Women's pull. Two of my girls in the yoke, me on the side working the wheel, and the other 3 girls pushing in the back. The woman in the green was a stake "angel" helping us.


My sisters'-in-law, Paula and Lorraine, on our balconies, watching the beautiful glaciers in Glacier Bay! All I can say is, Amazing Alaska!!!!

Sam and his brother, Greg, at Mendenhall Glacier, in Juneau, with this massive waterfall to the right!!

Sam and me in front of Mendenhall Glacier. The glacier lake in front had huge chunks of ice floating in it, and you could walk right up to the shore. It was gorgeous!

Sitka was our favorite town!! 8300 people and the 5th largest city in Alaska!! It was so cool!! And, of course, amazingly beautiful!!

Sam and me on June 4, 2009--our 27th anniversary!!! We celebrated by going snorkeling in Sitka, Alaska!!! These are dry suits!! I didn't know there was such a thing until this. We also had neoprene hoods and gloves. See the volcano in the background??? What can I say???? Amazing Alaska!!!
In Ketchikan, we went zip lining among the tops of the trees, and this is the harness we wore. Loverly, huh? It was, you guessed it, Amazing!!! (Alaska, that is!!)


Our bishop, Bishop Warren playing the cups rhythm game. It was very cute to watch!! Even if he did fudge a bit. He stayed on the beat though!!!

The Love girls and mom, Debbie!! Working on the stamped washer necklaces!! They turned out really cute! Just like the girls!!! heehee

Lisa Skousen, me and Miss Tricia Brown!!! In one of our more subtle and subdued moments!!!

Tricia, after a long night of competing for the title of Runway Model/dance competiton!! She took second - but we know who REALLY won, don't we Tricia?? Anyone for the worm??