Saturday, May 23, 2009

OH BABY, MY BABY!!! Graduate - 2009!!!!!

This past week or so has been one exciting celebration for us and specifically for Taylor!! Last Saturday the celebrations began, with he, Riley Norton, and Tyler Scott being honored with their Eagle Scout awards at a special Eagle Court of Honor!! Woohoo!!!
Then, on Sunday, he had the start of Gilbert High celebrations with Baccaulaurette, and that night, Seminary graduation!!!
Then on Thursday, (May 21st), Taylor Brant Dahl, my baby boy- my last baby boy-- graduated from Gilbert High School amidst much rain, chill and boring principal speeches!!! (Bless his heart!).
We couldn't be prouder of our Taytay!!!

Taylor and Auntie Paula!!!

You know he really WANTS us to kiss him!!

Aaron, Sam, Tay, me, Ashley, and Allie

Only missing Tanner man!

Taylor and Rachel Crozier - Seminary graduation!! These two have literally grown up together. From K-6th in the same classes even, and then on up through Gilbert Jr. and Gilbert High School!!

Taylor, Riley Norton, and Tyler Scott pledging to be scouters "fou- ev-ver!!!! Congrats guys!

It's my blog, so I can put myself in it if I want!!! Besides, I'm the proud mama!!!
Now, on to our next thrills!!! The trek, as a ma and pa. Alaskan Cruise!!!! And girl's camp. All within 2 weeks!!!!!
Stay tuned!!!