Saturday, October 25, 2008

Otherwise Occupied!

So it has been a week since I posted last. It seems like it was a year!
Funny how fast life can change!
My Ashley has gone from a regular 20 week pregnant gal, expecting her first little guy (a boy) to the relm of high risk pregnancy -- due to a ruptured amniotic sac. Or in other words a hole in her sac. Or in other other words, her water has broke but only in leaky form, rather than the gushing you get at the end of pregnancy at time to deliver.
There is no reason that they know of, why this happened, no blame or fault--just a freak of nature that we get to deal with.
But the scary part is that if she gets an infection in it, they will have to immediately deliver our little man and he is just too little and not fully ready for the outside world and would not survive.
So as all would understand, this week has been one hellish, roller coaster ride of a week. I wish I could say it is over and all is well. Boy how I so wish I could say that.
Instead, all I can say is that Ashley is on bedrest, at home, now, and it is a very precarious waiting game. This morning she called and said she was spotting and needed to head to the hospital. Mark was at work and I was planning on getting over there to sit with her, but this happened before I got there. So we had a nice ride to the hospital and a tense hour or so, while they did a blood test to determine if she had an infection or not. Everything seemed to be normal and fine, as far as white blood count, and oxygen levels and all. No tenderness or any other indication that there is a problem right now. It is a very helpless, scary, anxiety ridden time for Ashley and Mark, and for us as her parents. I don't like it. Not one bit!
If she can hang on until she is 24 weeks along, little Miles has a good chance of surviving. So that is our prayer. Any time after that will be an even better blessing. So we go through each day, holding our breath and . . . praying!
YOu would think in this day and age with all the amazing things they are able to do, that they could easily go in and patch up a hole in a sac, wouldn't you?? I mean come on, they can operate on a fetus before it's even born and fix it's heart! Why not this? From what I've read, this would definitely save many a baby that are born too early.
But, I don't want to sound ungrateful. We DO live in a time that promises so much more than any other time for babies still in mommies tummys and all.
I do have to say that I am SO very grateful for the knowledge and testimony I have of our Heavenly Father. That he lives and loves us. That He is definitely aware of us and our situation. I just am trying to trust Him and rely on HIm --no matter what the outcome may be.
Who ever said that it might not be easy but it would be worth it???? I am not sure I really like that saying right now!!!
But we, especially Ashley are hanging in there. And I have to admit-- it has definitely made my prayers more sincere and intense lately!!
I just hope what we are supposed to be learning is being learned!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Here's to you, my favorite party animals!!!

Hats off to my wonderful, silly, and fantastical friends:
(back row: Fina, Tricia, and Deena(my sis)
front row: Susan, Patty, me, and Shannon

It's my birthday and I can laugh if I want to!!

    Trisha & Fina- yeeha!!

Shannon the "supa star" of the bunch!

                                                                            Sista's-oh what beauts!!

                                                                                                                           The three muskateers!

                             Captain, O Captain!!


 First and foremost!

                                                                                         You've been whitewashed


                                      We are ready for fun!


Ok all. I don't normally go around and broadcast my birthday. (Well, only to my family that is!!!). But I have, no I MUST share the most awesome, crazy, fantastic, hysterical, pee my pants fun I just shared with 7 of my favorite people in the whole world!!! Here is it in a nutshell, and then the pics will tell the rest of the story!

A couple of months ago, I was wondering, "What would be a fun thing to do for my birthday, coming up in a couple of months"? I mean, Sam will ask me, "What do you want to do for your birthday?" and it will be about the 17th of Oct.(my b-day is the 20th). He is not the biggest birthday party or event planner. He always comes through, and is so great to me. But I know it is quite a stress to his life to do so.
So anyway, somehow, someway the thought came to me that "Hey, we own a boat now! and Hey, I love to go out on the lake! And I would love to take some of my closest friends out on it!" Great friends, and one of my favorite things to do, with my one and only true love along (he is the captain, and the driver of the boat! I am not comfy with this yet!!) What could be better than this???
So I told Sam immediately then, that is what I wanted to do for my birthday! We figured out the best date and planned from there!
To make a long story short -- it turned out to be a perfect day, weather wise. Wasn't too cold, in the low 90's. The water was cold but bearable! The company was superb!!! And the laughing was unstoppable!!! With a group like this, how could it go wrong?? And you know what?? NOthing did!! (except the bump on Fina's head from Rhea!! so sorry Fina!!!) She'll live though!!
So without further adieu, here are the pictures that are worth a thousand words!!!
P.S. Sorry the captions don't match up. I still have not figured out all the tricks to blogging. And lining up pics with their captions the way I want is one of them. So you'll just have to play the match up game!!! Or tell me how to do it!!!