Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's a . . . .!!!!!!!

So our Ashley went and had an ultrasound yesterday and found out what she is having!!!!
Wanna guess??? 50 50 chance!!!
Heres' some hints:
1) We were all excited, of course!
2) It'll fit right in with the Dahls.
3) I've got heartburn from the spicey-ness!
4) My new favorite art is "Blue Boy"
5) I just painted one of my walls in my living room a "blue" -ish shade!
6) My favorite band is 'Boyz to Men'!
7) My new fave movie is "Sons of Provo"
8) we are thinking that we need to memorize "Little Boy Blue"
9) It starts with a B and ends in a Y
10 It's a B - O - Y !!!!!!!

Yes I am going to be 'gramma dahly" to a sweet (I hope), little boy!!! Yes! We are all excited to welcome this special little guy into our family!!! Boys basically rule on the Dahl side, by number anyway, so he won't fell left out or anything!
So that is our great news of the week!
I say let the good (and mischieveous) times roll!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Taylor's 15 seconds of fame and glory!

So Taylor made the Tribune "varsity xtra" this past Friday in the article about the "Big" game against Chandler Hamilton! A great shot of my boy, don't ya think?? Unfortunately, the game didn't play out even remotely how the Tigers had practiced for and hoped for. IT was ugly! That's all I can say! It was downright painful for us parents and fans in the stands! So just imagine what the players felt! I guess the coach (Coach Parker) commented that "anything that could've gone wrong did!! And the score 12-49 pretty much says it all!! I was still proud of my studly son, who didn't let it get him totally down. His biggest concern was the next day's practice and how bad he figured that would be. Turns out, coach wasn't as hard on them as he imagined.
Actually, the coach couldn't possibly have been as hard on them as Taylor imagined!!!
Other than this very disappointing game, the Gilbert Tigers have played very well. And Taylor has done well on the offensive line!!
So I say, Go, Go Tigers!!!