Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Keeping myself company!

I was having a conversation with myself today. I said to myself, "Self, what should I do today? I have many things to choose from. Starting with finishing my laundry. Do the dishes, vacuum and all the usual straightening and cleaning one could do each day. YOu know, the tedious things that really are not all that fun, but necessary for a nice feeling in one's house."
I responded to myself by saying, "yes, self, these are all worthwhile actions. But come on, give me a stink'en break!! I am sick and tired of the same ole, same ole, day in and day out routine! Let's go shopping!!"
Well, that is my usual antidote to a boring list of duties to accomplish. But Nay, ray, I say!! Today, I told myself back, "listen hear, self, you also have several rooms of painting to do that needs to get done by Saturday!!! YOu need, no, you MUST stay home and work on, at the very least, prepping the rooms for Sam, so that when he gets home he,and you also, just have to roll and brush. Roll and brush!! YOU can do this! YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!!"
Well, I am proud to say, that myself talked myself into it, and I have been working most of the day trying to do this!! I have had a few interruptions, like--- Ashley coming over for lunch. Had to visit with her, and help her find Halloweeny crafts to do with her young women!! Later she called and needed me to look for some costume items for HER YW's tonight. So took a break there. Then I HAD to look at Aaron and Allie's wedding pictures we finally got a few days ago, on CD. So loaded them on my computer (all 4 Cds-full of them) and looksy looksy-ed at them!! So very cute I might add!!!
Which brings me to here and now!!! Well, I had to check my blog while I was on the computer, you know how it is. Well, before that, it was my email. I might get one from Tanner you know!!! So back to my blog! Here I am!!
I thought, Hey I'll just update a bit! And tada!!! The time is now 5:12 pm. Where oh where has my time gone??? OH, and Jeff A. you did interrupt my post here by the way! But was so very nice to chat with one of my fave cousins!!!
So why can't I seem to get much done during the day?? I just don't understand it???!!!
At least I got my blogging done!! I feel so very accomplished!
AND. . . it's only Wednesday. I have 2 more days before the painting of 3 bedrooms, and one bathroom needs to be done!! P-shaw. Oodles of time!!! Maybe I will go shopping tomorrow!!