Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun times!

(Sorry these are in random order!! Gotta get better at this!)

Taylor, Mark and Ashley "snuggling" at the hotel in Lakeside!

Taylor smiling "pretty" with his bloody mouth!

This past weekend we went up to Lakeside (North. AZ in the white mtns.) where it is cool!! The occasion was to witness and celebrate my niece, Whitney's wedding.She and Michael were married in the Snowflake temple. Everything was beautiful, especially the bride!

As bonus, we got a hotel and stayed up there for two days, rather than sprinting up there and back in one day. Loved, loved, loved the weather! Mark and Ashley went too, so in between the wedding in the morning, and the reception in the evening we napped a bit, and played a little at the bowling alley!
FYI-Ash won with a her high score of 129!!! Taylor lost - but it was close: score of 43
Ashley getting a little cocky with that high score of hers!!!

Whitney and Michael coming out of the temple after their sealing! AAAAHHHHH! How cute!

On Monday, Taylor had his wisdom teeth out in preparation for mission papers. Here he is as the assistants are walking him out to the car. He video-ed himself many times after this, but this gives a little taste of his drug-i-ness!