Monday, May 11, 2009

So much to say and so much work to say it!!!

So this updating blogs, is hard work!!! Especially when there is a lot to blog about! So without further adieu,
Happy Mother's Day yesterday!! I hope all mothers had as good of one as I did. Since I use this as a journal, somewhat, those who read will have to read more than you may want. But here goes!
First of all, I have to say that it was a great Mother's Day!
Highlights of the day:
1.The night before going out to dinner with my mommy, sisters, and nieces (see previous blog!)
2. Church was great-with talks on moms, giant chocolate candy bars!!! Getting to go to Relief Society, with all the women (I'm in Y.W.'s so this is a treat!), getting yummy refreshments, having a lovely program/lesson, and best of all, holding the beautiful Jan Hemp's baby boy for two hours (during SS. and R.S.)! Thanks Jan for the time with your little guy! (p.s. he was born the day before our Miles was due!). It was a treat to hold him and fuss with him and just enjoy the feeling of holding a tiny little miracle!
3. Not cooking dinner!
4. Napping
5. Having all the kids come over and being together
That was the topper to a wonderful Mother's Day! Even got him to speak some russian for me. He sounds good!! Just like I remembered him sounding! Still that dry, sarcastic humor!! (who would've thought!). But tempered a little. We had a little glitch getting through to him. After 30 or more minutes trying and trying the number he gave us, the phone rings and it is a Utah #. Sam tells me not to answer, but we decide maybe we should. It ends up being the family of another missionary there in his area, who Tanner had called that missionary and asked him to ask his family to give us the correct city code, rather than the one he gave us!! So after about 40 minutes of trying, and a second bought international calling card of the day (the ox AND the horse was in the mire then!!), and the phone call from Utah with the correct number, we got through to him!!!
Me and Mom opening Mother's Day presents!

The totally insane "photographer", making sure we know he was there!!! Heather and Zach being cute!
Taylor and Ashley showing off. Mark trying to not be seen!!!
Aaron, me and Mom chillen'

More present opening

He and the concert choir sounded awesome! I will miss going to these concerts, for the most part!! And High School sporting events, and high school drivings to school, and just my kids being in High School. I have enjoyed every minute of my kids' high school years. Well, maybe not EVERY minute. But it was a good run- those years from 1997 to 2009!!!! I can't believe my last baby is graduating from high school! Where did the time go??? Where did my young motherhood go??? Geez. Is that short for "geezer"???? haha
All the seniors were given yellow roses at the end of the concert. Taylor with his mama and grandma!
Taylor and Dad, Sam!
Taytay with his good buddy, Brandon Tenney!

AND NOW ON TO BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS! For Taylor, anyway!! With his being a senior, comes many events in the next couple of weeks. One of which is none other then the:

Taylor took Alli Sorensen to prom. And was in a group of about 14 couples. Here's a few of the guys. I don't know most of the kids in his group. Very few in fact.Due to the fact that our stake does not encompass Gilbert High. So if they've been to my house or played football with Taylor or maybe sang in choir with him, I've met them or know their names. That's not a lot of them!!

This is Alli. The middle one. Isn't she cute?
Being silly!
She's looking "sassy"!! He just looks happy!!!
Practising their "game" faces!! Gotta look cool, suave, smooth, gangsta' or whatever they are calling it these days! Brandon Tenney, and Tay. I think they got 'the look' down, don't you?
All 14 couples!!
Taylor and his proud mama!! Had to throw this one in here!!!
Taylor and Brandon pulling out to pick up their dates in some definite cool wheels!!! Thanks Rob Walker for being so trusting and understanding!! He felt right up top "cruisin' in the jag!!! IT was such a cool thing!
Love this pic of Taylor. Being his GQ self!!!
Some of the boys, just having some fun!

The lovely Alli Sorensen in the middle.
The cute couple
PS. Taylor said he had a great time! From the day date the night before (quading , eating, and watching movies out in the desert), to the actual prom date-eating at Bucca de Bepo, dance, after prom swimming, watching movies. He told Tanner when he talked to him, that he was really glad that he went!!
PPS. By the way, I made him go! I told him at the beginning of the school year that he HAD To go!! Isn't it great when Mother knows best?!!!!!

Mother's Day and "Girla's" night out!

Saturday night, after we got Taylor off on his Prom date, my mom, sisters, daughter and two of my nieces went out for a "girla" date! We went to Rigatony's to celebrate each of us as moms, and women! (And also it was a great excuse to go out "on the town" (woohoo!) with us gals!! It was a lot of fun and well deserved! Right all you girlas out there???
my "little girl", Ashley with my mom. She's really not mad or anything! It's just my dang camera has a 5 or more second delay from the time you push the button and the pic is taken! And a couple different flashes!! She just didn't hold her smile quite long enough!!!
Stacey, my niece, and Deena's daughter, and Annette, my sis - behind her!!! Cute thaaaannggs!
Me and half of Stacey!! Not much to say about that, except, the food was good!

My niece/"other" daughter, Heather, and my sis, Deena Bean!

And all of us! L-R: Ashley, Mom (Doris), Heather, Deena, Annette, Stacey, and me!
We HAD to finish the evening off by heading over to Mesa's Frozen yogurt for dessert!! There's always room for ice cream/yogurt!!
It was a fun night!!