Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nov. 19th - #17 day of gratitude

#17 day of Gratitude

I am grateful, along with 50 million other females for the book/movie series Twilight! This is in honor of "New Moon" coming out tonight at midnight!!! No, I will not be one of the crazies staying up all night to see it, but I do want to and hopefully will go in the morning!!!
What is it that has grabbed so many of us? Vampires? Werewolves? Romantic sickening love?
I can understand the appeal for all the teenage girls!! But me and most of my friends are not young blossoms!!! I know part of it is getting all caught up in the thrill and hype of it! Everyone around us is going nuts, so it's fun to jump on the bandwagon!!!
But it has to be more than that!! We are all dreamers!!! We all love adventure, underdogs, romance to the gazillion times, old fashioned guys who respect the girls!! And of course, perfection!!! We love that Eduard is perfectly beautiful and perfectly in love with Bella!! Ahhhhhh. Siiiigggggghhhhhhh. It's a girl's total fantasy!!!
Of course, what also thrills me is that not only is Eduard in love with her, but hunky Jacob is too!! I MUST BOLDLY STATE: I LOVE JACOB!!!!! Yes, I like Edward, but Jacob?!!! He was always there for Bella. When things got tough, he was there for her!!! Yes, I have strong feelings for him--almost more than for Eduard. What can I say? I'm a rebel, I know!!!
But who wouldn't be thrilled with not one, but two gorgeous hunks, totally different, but gorgeous just the same, in love with and fighting over you? Admit it!! It is a beautiful thought!

Nov. 18th - #16 day of gratitude

#16 day of Gratitude-
I am grateful for good teeth. I have been blessed with good genes when it comes to teeth. So far. I never went to the dentist growing up. Literally, the first time I went was when I was 19 years old. My parents grew up during the depression. And so the mantra, "If it ain't broken, why fix it?" was something they lived by. I never had a tooth ache or cavity or problem with my teeth. So the summer I was 19, right before heading up to BYU, I could see a little black line in one of my teeth, so it was determined I should check it out. So days before leaving, I went to the dentist. Had 8 small cavities. He filled them all at once--seeing as I was leaving for BYU too soon to come back. And I have had no others since. I hope this good luck continues. Oh, also, I never needed to wear braces. Which is good for me, because even if I would've needed to, I doubt that would have been an option for me!! Lucky me!!!

Nov. 17th - #15 day of gratitude

#15 day of gratitude

I am grateful for puppies. So, no, I do not have one. We had a dog once. His name was Nicky. He died. He actually was a great dog.
But I love puppies! Some day, when my husband allows me (ha, Sam will appreciate that statement!!), I want my own little puppy. Well, what I really want is a tiny little teacup poodle (my ultimate dream dog) or another very small sized loveable doggy who always looks like a puppy, even full grown! It will be my baby. My unconditionally, always loves me, never talks back to me, always wants kisses, only has eyes for me, never grows up and leaves me baby! I guess you could say I am thinking above the mark. Being thankful for something I don't have yet??!! But I do really love puppies! And most babies of any type!(Except scorpions, spiders, roaches, etc you get the picture!) So, maybe, I should have said;
I am grateful for babies of all types!!!

Nov. 16th - # 14 day of gratitude

#14 day of gratitude
I am grateful for my name. Rhea was my paternal grandmother's nickname. I don't know all the details and I don't know if anyone really did, but for some reason Martha Marie turned into Rhea. (I'm really glad I got the nickname though!)
Anyway, it is original. I rarely meet another one. There's Rhea, the mother of Zeus. the Rhea bird, which is similar to an ostrich only smaller. There is Rhea Perlman, the wife of Danny Devito, and co star of the old series "Cheers". (Ok, she is not really one I want to claim!). There is Caroline Rhea (she took over for Rosie O'donnell, and also, was in that show with the witches??? can't remember the name at this time!). But I don't know if I can even count her at all, because she pronounces it like "Ray" - can you believe that??
I like that I am named after my grandmother. I have some memories of her. I was about 12 or 13 when she died. When the family was going through her stuff after she died, they found a bible of hers, with the name "Rhea Whatcott" in it (which was my name at the time!). So it was unanimous that I should get that! I thought that was pretty cool as a 12 yr. old. Not too shabby for a 48 yr. old too, even though I never have found a large stash of money hidden in it or anything!!
But, even though it is not at the top of the "most popular names of the decade"-well, it's not or never has been on the list even, I happen to like it a lot. What I can't figure out though, is that no one I know, am close to, or have birthed have shown any inclination or interest is naming one of their offspring after me!!!

Nov. 15th - #13 day of gratitude

#13 day of gratitude

I am grateful for sparkley things!
I love jewelry that sparkles, glittery things that sparkle, blingey things that sparkle and eyes that sparkle!! Anything shiny and pretty and girly, I like! So the styles these days with bling, and decor around the house glittery? The more the better, I say! Hey, skulls at Halloween-glitterize them and they're pretty even!!! My awesome daughter in law and daughter gave me these flip flops that are all blinged out!!! Love them!!! Thanks guys!! I sure hope this trend stays with us for awhile!!!

Nov. 14th - #12 day of gratitude

#12 day of gratitude-

I am grateful for Arizona falls. Don't you just love the weather now? So it comes a little later than other parts of the country. But it is here. So enjoy the cool cool mornings (at 6:30 am couple of days ago, it was 38 degrees F. when Sam and I went running!), and balmy, nippy nights!!! During the summer months I dreamed of these days. I couldn't wait for these cool mornings. Drooled (more like sweat and stunk!) for the day when I didn't constantly feel at the boiling point, in dire need of water, and just down right miserable! My memory has been understandably jogged as to the reason I live here. (I repeatedly asked myself many times a day during our hot summer!)

Nov. 13th - #11 day of gratitude

#11 day of gratitude --
I am grateful for repentance.
I am the world's worst procrastinator. I admit it. And thus, I am catching up my days of gratitude, 9 days behind!!! But, you know, that's what "sorry", and" will you forgive me", and "better late than never" is for!!! I happen to claim that last one as my very own personal motto!!! But luckily, the Savior forgives and we can change, and do better. And so, some day, I will not be a procrastinator and have to apologize all the time and actually do things when I plan and say I will. But, until then, I can always do it tomorrow!!

Nov 12th - #10 day of gratitude

#10 - I am grateful for my daughter. I know that is a given. So let me explain.

Of course, I am grateful for my daughter, Ashley. My only baby girl, born to me. She is wonderful and awesome and beautiful and one of my best friends! And I love her very much.
But to add to this, let me just say--I am so grateful she is my hairdresser too!! I have the best! Not only that, though, is I get the special "mother of the hairdresser" discount on my cuts, colors, and on hair products at the stores only licensed hair people can get!!! Is that a blessed and wonderful perk or what? Believe me, BAWH (before Ashley was a hairdresser), my hair and style, and upkeep was pretty sad. Well, let's just say, that saying "You're not getting older, you're getting better", applies to me. Or at least to my hair!!!
So thank you Ashley!!! Love you, punkin!!!