Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh the places we go!!

On Friday and Saturday, we had our "Ma and Pa" trek training where Sam and I and the rest of them got "broken in"! Boy did we! It was extremely hard, kinda crazy, frustrating, at times seeming pointless, wonderful, fun (this is a VERY relative term!), awesome, spiritual, great, growing, and moving!!! What can I say other than that? I am really excited for the actual trek coming up at the end of May, where we will have our "kids" and have some really awesome, (and extremely hard, kinda crazy, frustrating, at times seemingly pointless), wonderful, fun great, spiritual, growing and moving experiences with them!!
Probably the most profound aspect for me was that I did it!! Without any really short or long term negative affects on my old, not so great of shape body!! I DID IT! I know I was blessed with some extra help to survive pretty much unscathed (like my feet are just fine, despite some blisters, corns or ??? I had BEFORE the trek!!). Anyway, like I have said before, it is cool to find out for yourself, that I can do hard things! I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!!! haha Ok, that's a little over the top, I realize!!
Anyway, pictures are definitely worth more than my ramblings so here they are. (I had only about 55 or so, so at least I didn't post ALL of them!!)
Me so excited, and nice and clean and even a bit of make up on my face!! (But not for long!)

Sammy, my Sam!!! Isn't he just a cutie pie???

My lovely "sisters", Jumping down Julie, Ma (Krazy Karen), Tara Cotta, and Mi chelle my Belle!

My Pa (Papa Bear, or Chatty Chad), my "brothers, Photo John-ic, Marky Mark, and Super Bowl Scott, my other bro. Scott is missing here)

Mr. fire guy/Barry Samilow (his family's nickname for him!) This was Sat. morning cooking breakfast!

Here's my true sis Fina (no nickname) but not one of my trekkie sis's. Actually as long as her bonnet was on her nickname was (Nephi)!!! Right Fina
Our so delicious breakfast! Ash cakes (yes, those smaller looking "rocks" in the middle of the ashes! In the can was our not too bad oatmeal. We were given honey for both and some raisins so it was edible. Note that I did not say eatable!!! Ok, we were so hungry from only having broth the night before after 2 plus hours of walking, pushing, and pulling in the dark, until about 10 pm or so, that it really didn't taste THAT bad!

This is Sam's "family". I would name them, but not sure who some of them are. Sam is the 3rd guy from the left. His "Ma and Pa" were the Bevans (the couple on the left). My cousin Kat (the tall one in blue) was one of his sis's and our friend, Kelly VanAtter a sis. Also, Tom Love a bro.

This is my family--the greatest family ever!!! From left to right, kneeling: Scott Van Atter (can't remember his nickname at the moment!), Tara cotta, Super bowl Scott. Left to right standing: Photo John-ic, Mi-Shelle ma belle, Rhea Tortilla (that's me!), Jumping down Julie, Ma (Krazy Karen). Pa (Papa Bear, or Chatty Chad), and Marky Mark!

Sam told me afterward, that my brother, John (in red), went up to him Sat. morning, very seriously and told him he heard that he had a thing for one of his sisters and he needed to have a "talk" with him! It was cute! See how protective they were!! Gotta love these guys!!

Also, a funny story--I was in the yoke of the cart with Marky Mark one time (only!). He is like 6 ft 4' or so. I'm 5 ft 3 '. It was interesting, to say the least!! I told him that maybe that wouldn't be such a great idea anymore, since we were not "equally yoked"!!! He agreed. The front bar would hit me about at the neck, when it was at the level he needed it or liked it, at his waist or so!! Not the most comfy time!! But it was all good!!

The women's pull!! See all the women around the cart? We tried to run up to help, but there was no more room for us to grab on to, to help. The women from the other carts helped each of the others make it up this steep hill. It was awesome!!!

That's me on the left, and my "sis" Julie! My other two sis's were pushing in the back. This was not the final big hill where everyone helped each other, but might I just add--it was still pretty steep and rocky!!

Sam, resting during our lunch break! The best meal I've had in long, long time!! Stew (yes, with vegies and meat!), and rolls! Also, had peach cobbler for dessert! Awesome!