Sunday, August 23, 2009

Encinas Ward Campout - 2009

This weekend we (Sam and me) actually went to our ward campout!! It was a lot of fun and so deliciously cool! I loved it! You may not believe this, but I am not a camper! Or at least, so I thought!! I love the mountain air, and the beauty, and gorgeous weather and all, it just never seemed a big enough trade off for the hassle of packing everything, including the kitchen sink, cooking in dirt, having no showers for the duration, attempting to keep track of rambunctious kids who just want to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, and last, but not in the least bit, least, the bathroom facilities, or lack thereof!!!
So back to the campout!! Wonderful weather! Beautiful beauty! Just one night and I don't even have to cook (so no kitchen sink!)!! Sleeping arrangements fine!! (Could've been in cabins; with the bats, mice and spiders however-and so we chose to sleep in the bed of our truck--set up very comfy by my wonderful hubby!! Potential for romance under the stars - WITHOUT the ward!). AND great bathroom facilities -- a few feet from our truck!! What more could we have asked for????

**(Warning: the next 3 pics have to be some of the most adorable pictures around!!)
"Bishop" Warren giving us "the word"!!
The future "Aaronic Priesthood" practicing passing the sacrament!!

Here they are "preparing" the water for the sacrament! Blake Early (middle) found some sac. cups at the sacrament table here (at the outdoor chapel there)!! Sam and I came upon these scenes and were very entertained with their "play"!

cleaning and packing up on Saturday morning

The rope swing, and playing in the dirt!! (Ahh life is grand!)

Sam packing up our "bed"! (He's silly!)
Me and my man in/on our bed!!!

Shannonrella, cleaning up while the kids create!

Nurse Susan with one of her little "patients"! Hope her pinky finger is ok, and not broken!

Ciela and Ally pal-ing around!! What cutie pies!
Jody and Donnie "happy" to see me!! (don't mess with Donnie or he''ll kill ya with that look!!)

Kellee looking lovely as always!

The Ewer "pad"!! If you click on and enlarge you can actually see Rachel smiling and Matthew and Cassandra!!! Monica and Mike being their friendly selves!!!


I must give a great big shout out and "thanks" to those wonderful young-uns who were so enamored with the whole scene, that they stayed up the whole night to enjoy it!!!! They made sure we ALL "enjoyed" it too!!! (ahhhhh, sweet revenge!! Now who's with me???)