Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Which would you choose???

Well another week gone by!!!
Just heard from Tanner last night. We get his emails Tuesday nights around 10 or 10:30-- which is 9 or 9:30 AM the next day in Russia.
All is well for him. He seems to be happy and teaching away! Has a baptism coming up.
Funny thing!!
We haven't gotten any pictures from him since he got there to Russia back at the end of June. We happen to run into his "girlfriend" Sunday night at the family and friends get together (formerly known as an open house!) for Tanner's good friend Cale Flaherty. I am talking to her and telling her how we haven't received any pics from Tanner since he got to Russia. She then somewhat reluctantly tells me that she has gotten one from him. (Now, I really like Kelsey, but what does he see in her that he doesn't in his loving mama??? How in this world does she rate--ABOVE his own dear, sweet, adoring, carried him miserably for 9 stinking months, suffered through his birth, and raised and loved him through thick and thin, through sarcasm and teasing continually for the past 19 years, mama!!!!).
Well, to add insult to injury, last night I was on the email at the same time as he and we were going back and forth a bit (a great way for mom's to make it through missions better. Got questions? ask me) I told him again (as I do every week!) that we wanted pictures. He then tries in his Tanner way to break it to me gently that he sent a package of pics to --- me, you say???---OH NO!!! but to none other than our darling Kelsey, again!!! He tries to explain it away by saying it isn't because he loves her better at all, it's because it would make us get together and that was part of his plan!!!
Well just take a stick and jab it in my eye!!! That kid has nerve!! If he wants us to get together just tell me to invite her over or something!

So-- just so you have this right-- Kelsey if you ever read this I love ya!! - but the odds are not with you!!! Just promise me that if anything happens that I have to write words of comfort and love to my son sometime in the next 19 months, that you will please bring me the pictures and not get rid of them!!! Because, and this is the point I am trying to make here, no matter what, I will definitely be here waiting so very impatiently, excitedly, expectantly, and uncontrollably happy when he walks off that plane!!!!
And dang it all, I want those pictures!!!!!!
(I would post a picture of Tanner - in Russia-- right here, if I could. But you know that dang russian mail!!! ).

PS. And Kelsey if you end up someday as my daughter in law; No hard feelings, k??? The frustration voiced here is not toward you but to one crazy, nutty Elder we both seem to care about very much!!!