Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our vacation to Los Angeles and to see WICKED!!!

Ok so Sam decided if he wanted his wife to stay sane and not have a total breakdown he'd better get her out of the house that is being remodeled and has been for now for 3 months and is still not done! So he took me and Taylor and his friend, 'Cameron to Los Angeles for a getaway!!!
It was so very awesome--especially to get away to somewhere different than my bedroom where I've holed myself up almost everyday while the workers are here abanging and a working!
Anyway, we went to the Museum of Tolerance. It was very moving. I don't see how you can come away from places like that and the one in DC and not be so touched and moved and struck by utter disgust and pain for how humans treat other humans. It really gets one to think.
But the highlight of the trip for me was going to see the Broadway musical, WICKED!!! It was sooooooooooo awesome!!! I loved it!!!! If I can figure it out I'll put some pics here of us there!!!
We then went down to San Diego. Saw the Newport Beach temple, and spent a bit of time at Oceanside beach. Then the next day hung out at the beach at Carlsbad, which is about 10 or so minutes from Sam's dad's house!!! And like we always say,
"YOu can't go wrong if you're at the beach!!!" We love the beach and ocean and everything about it!!!So we always have a good time if we can go there!!!
Anyway, it was wonderful weather, and wonderful times and it was just what I needed!!! Thanks Sammy dear. I love you stud!!!