Monday, June 22, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane!

So, I made it through.

I know, I know, no one feels too terribly bad for me.

I went on the trek--aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, poor thing, I know you are thinking. As you should!

But then, I add on that the day after we got back, Sam and I left for Seattle, for our Alaskan cruise. @%^$&*!#%@8#!!! Now don't hate me because I'm lucky!! (I could've said, "don't hate me because I'm beautiful!" -remember that commercial??) but then, you'd laugh at me! Just trust me, that the cruise was well appreciated after the wonderful, spiritual, long walking, sore feeted, freezing cold, and rainy, wet bedding'd, growing and learning as we go, HARD trek!! It was a "plethora" of experiences and feelings that can only be described as, "you had to be there!"

The next morning after back from the cruise, I "happily" headed to girls camp for 3 days. That was great--a nice, happy medium-(not that I needed a happy medium from the cruise!). And boy, did we leaders (and the girls, I suppose!) have one crazy, sleepless, fun time! Remember people, "what happens at girls camp, stays at girls camp"!!!

So without further adieu:

Gilbert Stapley Stake Trek - 2009

The "Dahl" Family!! After making homemade candles! We were so proud!!

"Pa" and "Ma" Dahl shaking hands after a fair tug o' war with the boy Dahls and Ma, and and the girl Dahls and Pa, tugging it out!! The boys won with the help of Ma!!!

Me and my real Dahl boy, Taylor.

Sam making sure he documents himself--with Taylor and his "family" pulling in the background!

This was during the Women's pull. Two of my girls in the yoke, me on the side working the wheel, and the other 3 girls pushing in the back. The woman in the green was a stake "angel" helping us.


My sisters'-in-law, Paula and Lorraine, on our balconies, watching the beautiful glaciers in Glacier Bay! All I can say is, Amazing Alaska!!!!

Sam and his brother, Greg, at Mendenhall Glacier, in Juneau, with this massive waterfall to the right!!

Sam and me in front of Mendenhall Glacier. The glacier lake in front had huge chunks of ice floating in it, and you could walk right up to the shore. It was gorgeous!

Sitka was our favorite town!! 8300 people and the 5th largest city in Alaska!! It was so cool!! And, of course, amazingly beautiful!!

Sam and me on June 4, 2009--our 27th anniversary!!! We celebrated by going snorkeling in Sitka, Alaska!!! These are dry suits!! I didn't know there was such a thing until this. We also had neoprene hoods and gloves. See the volcano in the background??? What can I say???? Amazing Alaska!!!
In Ketchikan, we went zip lining among the tops of the trees, and this is the harness we wore. Loverly, huh? It was, you guessed it, Amazing!!! (Alaska, that is!!)


Our bishop, Bishop Warren playing the cups rhythm game. It was very cute to watch!! Even if he did fudge a bit. He stayed on the beat though!!!

The Love girls and mom, Debbie!! Working on the stamped washer necklaces!! They turned out really cute! Just like the girls!!! heehee

Lisa Skousen, me and Miss Tricia Brown!!! In one of our more subtle and subdued moments!!!

Tricia, after a long night of competing for the title of Runway Model/dance competiton!! She took second - but we know who REALLY won, don't we Tricia?? Anyone for the worm??