Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Days gone by!

Sam and I started a diet today. Ok, so I have had two meals on this diet so far.
Breakfast consisted of 2 eggs. Lunch was 3 cups of lettuce and 1 cup of "other" approved vegies along with a chicken breast cut up in the salad. Oh, and I am allowed crystal light type drink. We get the same for dinner. This is for the first 3 days. No breads, starches, sugar, fruits even. I don't know why not. It just says it on my papers. After the first 3 days there are a "little" more items added to your menu. I got this diet from one of our last Relief Society Enrichments. I don't even know what it's called. But we are committed to it, Sam and I! Together!! Gosh darn it!
I have been meaning to update my blog for, what, 2 weeks now?Thanks to this diet, I am now doing it. What, you may ask has dieting got to do with updating my blog???? Well, it is 3:04 pm. and I am starving!! Not in the Africa, drought, and third world country starving (although try telling my stomach that!!), but in the -"What the freak am I doing, and I want chocolate, cookies, no, no, no, I will not give into it!!! I can do hard things! I can do hard things!! I can do things. I can do. . . . I can. I can. I can!
So in order to keep my mind, and more importantly, my hands, busy--I am posting a new blog, and it is about days gone by.
Starting with where I left off in my last blog!! So here it goes. I did the pictures backward so we will go with most current and work back!!
Over fourth of July weekend, we had our Bi -annual (or every two years that is!) Dahl Reunion.
We had it up at Hawley Lake on the Apache Indian Reservation in the White Mtns. of Az. It was gorgeous. It was John and Mylie's (Sam's brother and wife) turn to plan it, and this is a place they have come for years for Mylie's side of the family. They have cabins you can rent, and we had 3, right next to each other.

                                    Sam, John and Emily early in the morning, fishing.
Not too shabby scenery here!! This was right outside our cabins, looking out.
Blast off!!!
Ok, so here is where the backwardness loses the affectiveness of the pics. But we had a rocket contest on the 4th of July. We were paired up to "build" our rockets. Then shot them off with a pressurized contraption, John built. (You use 2 liter pop bottles and fill them about 1/2 full)
It was a BLAST!! (get it???). It really was though!!!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

The crowds went wild!!!!!!

The lovely couple! (Paula and Mark with their "baby")

Sam and Ashley "building" their rocket! (Some nepotism going on here-their names were drawn as a pair!)
Actually, these sneaky guys are the ones who rigged it so they could be together!! Matching shirts and all!!! (Taylor and Coy!)
Dad Dahl and Phyllis. Whooping it up on the 4th of July!!!

Talent show night brought us the Dahl Brothers (or the Dahl Four!) singing "I'm a mormon boy". Reliving their childhoods, when their mom had them sing this in Sacrament meeting (in "days gone by"!!)

Some sick ritual the Dahls participate in! (Sam, Jon, and Coy playing their nose flutes, and the flags on the hats-- only "The Shadow" knows!!!). OK, let's just call it what it is--they are bizarre!

So to sum it all up, Dahl Reunion 2009--Hawley Lake, AZ--a great time was had by all. And we missed those of you that were serving the Lord (Tanner, Michael, Matthew), couldn't get off work, or otherwise occupied. Don't take this too harshly, BUT, it was your loss!! (not ours!!) J/K We really did miss all you guys that weren't there!!!
So working backwards!!
I don't have any pics to prove it-- but on July 1st--the day before we left for the reunion--I, Ashley, Allie, Heather (my niece), Paula (my sister in law), Heidi and Natalie (my nieces from Utah) all went to see. . . . . W-I-C-K-E-D!!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . Heidi and Natalie flew in that day and Paula had driven in from Cali the night before. To preparolize ourselves most properly-- Paula treated us all to a pedicure. So toes glamified, we all headed off for a night o funsy. (Check Ashley's blog-she has actual proof we were there!!!)
On June 27th-- we had a Trek reunion with our "family" combined with the other "families" from Encinas Ward. Thanks to Oliver and Fina, we had an awesome Luau--with great food, and the best show, put on by her Tausala dance group. Only 3 of our 10 kids were able to come. We missed our "kiddos"! But we're glad Nick, and Alexis, and Tristan were there!!
Me (Ma Dahl, Emerald (my bff and laurel, and Ma Keil!!). AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SO PRECIOUS!!!!

During the show, they had us come up and learn to hula with them!

Of course, the guys were "taught" too!! Love how Mark Early is waaayyy into it, second from right!!! Good job, Pa Early!!
That about wraps up what I've been doing for the past 3 weeks. Due to more time on my hands, (and stomach!), stay tuned. More often. More details. You may learn things about me you wish you never knew!!
And remember, diets and blogging are a lovely pair!!
I think I'll go scrub the toilets or something, now!