Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What?!! It is what it is!!

Ok, so two months later, I guess it's time to update!!! But where to start?
I can't really say I neglected my blog because I was too busy!! Although at times, that would be true. (Christmas etc).
I don't know- call it burn out, laziness, brain fart, you decide- I just couldn't get into it! Don't think that I didn't READ everyone else's!! I wasn't burned out on that!! I just couldn't be a contributor to the cause!! But I'm back!! I don't know for how long, but just know, that for now, I'm here!!
So what to uplift, inspire, entertain you with?????
Ahhhhh, forget it--- I'm just going to do an update!!!

Since my last blog---things that have made me happy!!!

1- Christmas!!! -get togethers, presents, family, and more family. And talking to my Tan man on Christmas night!!!
2- trip to San Diego! - family, sister in law, Paula's basketball team games, lovely beach!! Great times
3- New Year's Eve- Sue Sue's awesome New Year's party and Walkers' too!! Whoop whoop!!!
4- The biggy news: Tay gets his mission call - Birmingham, ENGLAND!!!! Leaves April 16th!!
5- Another big news for our fam - Sam is made bishop!
6-not big news, but had to add something about me (it is ALL about me, right???): I'm called to be "building scheduler"!!!! (I know!! You're jealous!!! Oh the power!!) At least I get to still be Laurel advisor!! Or at least I'd better, or the bishop will be sleeping on the couch!!!
7- Realize that Tan will miss Tay by about a week and a half!! (Not so great!)
8-Celebrated Aaron's 2-4 birthday (as well as surviving taking the MCAT!)
9-Miss Heather gets engaged!!
10-read a few good books during this time frame!!! (ex. 'Mr. Darcy's Daughters', 'Left to tell: [something to do with Rwandan genocide]', 'Saboteur', 'Life of Pi', etc. -that's all I can remember)

That's about all for now. Taylor getting ready for his mission is what we talk about most. We are all very excited for him and he is ecstatic!!! I'm jealous, actually!!! I sure hope we will be able to go over to get him when he's done!!! Woohoo!!! That's my dream!

Well, that's all for now.
2010 looks to be a great one if going by the first month!!!!