Sunday, January 11, 2009

A penny for your thoughts. If even that much!!

I was thinking the other day. . .
 Yes, it's true. I do think once in awhile! The problem is remembering my great thoughts and wisdom! I knew at the time that I needed to go write it down right then, but was putting my make up on and in a hurry, because I was getting ready to go somewhere. Can't even remember where I was off to. 
Oh, wo is me! So much wisdom, and nowhere to send it to!!
I know it had to do with dying. And living. and something so deep and profound I couldn't believe I was actually thinking it!!!
Boy it must've been good! 
It'll come to me. As soon as I sign off here and am not actually trying to think of it. It has to come in it's own due time. NOT on my time or desire for it!! 
The mind is like a child. It's its own person. Has its own mind. . . .  
OK, that may have been the most brilliant thought I've had in the last few minutes, or the most redundant!!!   The mind has it's own mind!
Now, there's a thought!!