Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time to recommit!

So after listening to general conference and then stake conference this past Sunday--these are the things Sam and I "heard" and are going to do!
1) Debt - it's not good. Get out of it!
2) Temple attendance - no more just casually attending and not consistently! The time to commit to attending regularly and often is now!!
Thus, our goal is to attend every Tuesday (unless Sam is out of town and then we will go on Thursday -this week!)
3) No more cruising through life spiritually. As Sam put it, we have been on Spiritual "cruise control" for awhile! Not doing horribly, but not really trying our hardest. Time to get energized in all areas: scripture study, more sincere prayer, FHE, reaching out to others, being a missionary, serving others, etc, etc! ( I am starting to feel like the funk is lifting-at least in these areas.)

So there you have it. I put it in writing, so we mean it! It's no longer just a thought or just talking about it!

What's that quote? A testimony is knowing. conversion is doing!