Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Three down and all done!

Aaron, Taylor, proud Mama, and happy Dad!!!
NayNay, and TayTay
(Nate Askins is Aaron's brother in law and he got his the same night!)
Thursday night marked another countdown for this mom. My baby boy (that would be that big strapping kid on the right!) had his Eagle board of review. . . . and passed! Well, I think it's officially called "recommended" for his eagle. Yea!! Yippeeeee! Zippity do dah!! Hallalujah, Praise the Lord! And all other some such terms of excitement and praise to the One above!

Now some may say, "oh, that's nice"! and really not realize just how really cool that is!!! First, let me say that if the guy that was in charge that night is correct, 4% of boys who start scouts, counting waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy back in cubs, actually get their rank of eagle scout. So the odds alone are pretty much against a boy to start with. Add in the factors of doing his eagle project 4 1/2 years ago, he being past the prime eagle boy scout age of around 13 or 14(after this age they start losing interest, greatly!), and the fact that he had one older brother who got his by the skin of his teeth (I guess the point is, though, is that he DID get it!!) --well, we were just more than thrilled beyond measure for last Thursday night.
So if someone asked me to explain why it was so difficult for Taylor to finish up his eagle - especially when he got what is considered the hardest, or at least the last thing you do, done and why it took so long, what could I really say??
That, maybe, the 5 merit badges he had left to do, when he did his eagle project were next to impossible to get, because he had to climb Kilamanjaro to get it??? Nope, that wasn't it! The five were five requireds that he started, got half way, (or maybe even finished but never signed off!) and lost his drive, or "motivation" or zeal for it??!! That's where Sam and I tried to come in (many times!). Things like, "ok, Taylor, you are NOT doing anything this weekend until you get that dang chart made and started for your money management (??) badge!!" It usually worked, to get the chart made. But you have to keep track of your expenses for 3 whole months!!! Straight!!! Whoa!! Now that is asking A LOT! (the kid lives on allowance which is quite minute and very consistent, every two weeks!! So what's so hard about that???).
Well, you get my drift. Enduring. Enduring to the end!!! (Or more accurately, deadline!! had to get it done by 18 yrs. old or not at all!!)
MY last born, bless his heart, has this gene that I know he definitely got from his dear mama!! It's that oh so great and dreadful PROCRASTINATION gene!! Makes me proud! A chip off the ole block!!! Ok, do as I say, not as I do!!!
Anyway, we are proud of Taylor. As we are, our two other sons who also got their eagle scout awards. It is an accomplishment, we are told, that will go with him throughout his/their lives and be a benefit or asset to him throughout his life. Way to go Tay!!
Now all I need to do is plan and put on his Eagle court of honor!! See you all at it in a year or two!!(wait, I have a deadline! He leaves on his mission in less than a year! yyyiiiikkkkkeeessssss).