Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tanner gets transferred!

We got an email today from the office couple from Tanner's mission (The Camerons), letting us know that the missionaries closest to Georgia (which happens to be Stavropol) on the advice of the US embassy in Russia and area authority, are being moved a little further away from the conflict. So Tanner and the other missionaries there are being transferred to Volgograd (used to be Stalingrad!). She said that there has been no problems or anything but to be safe and on the cautious side they decided to do it!!
So that's the update on Tanner. It's a little unsettling to think how far away he is and who knows what is going on over there!!! I know the Lord is watching over him and all his missionaries, so I don't need to worry. That's what I am trying to rely on! But my mama bear-ness kind of can't help being a little concerned!!!
I just have to keep the faith!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I love the world of blogging!!

Ok, So I am getting a little addicted to this world of checking out other's blogs!!! I have found kind of lost cousins and learned what's going on in their lives. Keep up on my kids' lives and what's important to them. And I have seen so many awesome pics and layouts of others' blogs and their families!!!

I want in!! I want to be educated in the art of blogging!!! Help!!! Ashley is always busy or sick and I need someone who is patient and has time!!! I figured out how to put pictures on but only if they came from a camera phone, cuz this laptop of Tanner's (Mac) I can't seem to figure out how to get into the "pictures" file!! Yes, I am also pretty computer illiterate too!! What's a girl to do?

I guess I'll quit my whining!!!

So, let's see. Aaron has been married for a month today! Ashley is 11 weeks along in her pregnancy!Taylor is doing the senior in high school thing. He broke his foot at football camp two weeks before school started. Had to have surgery to put a screw in it. So according to the doc in 4 weeks from then he SHOULD be able to play on it-- if he can stand the pain!! We shall see how tough he is!!
I am still doing not too much! we are slowly getting our house back. I think we will have unfinished kitchen cabinets for all time. I've decided it is the new "cool" look. To have 4 or 5 cabinet doors missing. YOu know instead of glass doors-- it's the NO doors look. But I am not complaining too loud because we finally have countertops and a sink!!! I can actually do dishes or wash fruit off, or get a drink if I really wanted to!!! Crazy, isn't it???!!
Our tile is beautiful!
But I know this is boring so I'll stop ranting and raving about my woeful life in an unfinished house!!!

Let's see, Sam and I went to Utah for an extended Dahl reunion the first week in August. Taylor had school (it started on the 6th!! It gets earlier every year!)/ We had a great time with the fun Dahl relatives!!! Natalie has some pics from it if you can make your way to her blog!!!

Tanner is still in Stavropol Russia. It is about 100 miles or so from the border of Georgia. We were just a little bit concerned with the conflict between Georgia and Russia last week was going on. Fortunately, it had no effect on the missionaries in russia. They did pull out the missionaries in Georgia after a couple of days of it going on. Tanner said people would ask them what they thought of it, and they just told them they were not concerned with politics but were there to teach about God. Good answer Tanner!!! He said they were ok with that!!! But he really is doing great and says he loves it there!!!
Gotta love it!