Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov. 11th - 9th day of gratiutude

Ok, I have so blown it so I will just continue on like nothing happened. Which is exactly what happened for what, 9 days????

#9 - thrift stores (and in that same category and at a lesser degree, garage sales!)

I love thrift stores. Good Will, Savers, D.I. - you name it I will hit. But these three seem to be the ones I cruise! I can tell you what days are the deal days. For Good Will, Tuesdays are Senior citizen day - 25% off for S.C.'s. Used to be 50%, so was so worth dragging your grandma down with you to buy your treasures for you. (Of course, if you inherited your love of thrift stores from that senior citizen, as I did from my mother, all you have to do is say something to the effect, Yo, mom, Good will, you, me now!!" And she beats me out the door, handicap hanger in hand!! Oh, yea, up close and personal!!).
Thursdays!! OH my THURSDAYS!!! Good Will's deal!! The color tag of the week - $1.00!!!! Oh, and the week of the week!!! (items are marked by the week somehow!). Then there is the every other Saturday, everything in the store is 50% off! Oh, and every day a particular color tag is 50% that day! It's the store that just keeps on giving!!!
Of course, DI's everyday prices are better than Goodwill's, especially books (which as you know I love!). But for the most up to date styles, Savers really is the best bet!!!

So there. I have outed myself!!! I, R.D., am a thrift store addict!! I love the thrill of the hunt!! The treasure hunt!!! It's pretty amazing and fun to see all the "stuff" you can get there. Yes, 90% may be junk! But that 10% is the draw!! Oh me oh my! And the draw it is!!!
There. I feel all tingly inside for admitting it!! It feels so good not to have to hide it anymore!!

Nov. 10th - # 8th day of gratitude

# 8 -
Friends. Nuf said!! Love you all to death!

Nov. 9th - # 7 day of gratitude

# 7 - Computers. Well, actually, the internet and all that that entails = email, blogs, facebook, youtube, craigslist, and all things good, and communicative, and time consuming and interactive and virtually real????!!!! (But really, it all, including the computer, is such an amazing invention!!) I am old enough to have lived without them, and I'm telling you, it's all so very good!!! Technology!!! Gotta love it!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nov. 8th - # 6 day of Gratitude

#6 Missionaries.
I am a missionary mom. So, of course I love missionaries. It's funny how much I not only love my misisonary son, but all the nephews and friends of my sons, as well as sons of friends serving too!! When each one leaves I feel a tiny bit of my heart goes with them! There really is nothing quite like having a child out. The thrill, excitement, ache, longing and pride that goes with the territory is all there. It's a great "club" to be a member of. One that you are happy to join, and even happier to be kicked out of!!!
Tanner, I love you. Can't wait till you get home in about 5 months. Taylor will be leaving soon (in the next few months) and the mixed emotions will start all over again!!

Nov. 7th - # 5 day of gratitude

I am grateful for books. More than you will know. Well, some of you know. They have been my hobby, entertainment, counsel, emotional outlet, escape, best friend, and just always there for me. When I don't have time to read I feel as though I have been neglecting a friend. And that I am sorely deprived!!!
I have two signs in my house - on my bookshelves, by the way- one says, "A home without books is like a body without a soul". I truly feel this way.
The other one says, "Books fall open, and you fall in". I was given this one, by someone who knows me all too well!! Don't even come looking or try to find me once I've fallen in!! I'll come out when I'm done and dang well ready!!

Nov. 6th - # 4

In honor of my father's 85th birthday, today, I have to say how grateful I am for him. In his quiet way he taught me by example the importance of gospel, family, responsibility and love.
Also, I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father. Especially for the knowledge that I have that he lives and that He knows me personally, is aware of me and cares and loves me very much.
So grateful for the father of my children, too.
Where would we be without fathers???

Nov. 5th - # 3

#3 - Sam. The love of my life! Happy 50th birthday, studmuffin!!