Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy 24th of July, and talks in church!

What up, everyone?
Just thought I'd put some super duper thoughts out there.
I have to talk in church on Sunday, (thank you very not much, Mark!!), and it is on, ta da dadum--- pioneers!! Shock and awe, you say!! Pioneers, in July, two days after the 24th??? How clever Mark is!
But I digress- so he wants me to somehow weave in some things I've learned from being a "Ma" on the trek into the topic. Like I can now speak as an expert for the early pioneers, having deprived myself of food, house, a good bed, and most of all a flushing toilet!!! (Ok, maybe I can speak a little like one. . . ). 
I struggle with this. 
 What more can I say that hasn't been said? What twist or new or different turn can I take that will lift and inspire those who will be listening (which will not be a ton, seeing as half the ward will be gone!). 
We all know that the early pioneers SACRIFICED, SACRIFICED, SACRIFICED for their faith. Many sacrificed the ultimate price for their faith. We know that! Don't you already know that?? And that we should liken their sacrifices to our lives now?? Who hasn't heard this? We all know and believe that we should and can follow their fine examples and give our all to the cause of the gospel, our God, our religion, our families.(What is that title of liberty thingy??) 
 So what more can I say?Maybe because I was so involved for so long beforehand, with the trek, but, personally, I am not in the mood anymore, for awhile!!! 

Now, don't get me wrong, I love, love, love the pioneers, and all the stories. 

Heck, Sam's great-great-great grandfather died in the Willie Handcart company. 

And my  great grandfather came over from Australia with his family at the age of 5--and we have a wonderful faith promoting story- about how he was lost, and the company needed to move on, and his mother wouldn't leave without him, so they left her with her trunk and then they looked back and she was praying, so they felt guilty leaving her, so came back for her, and she then told them exactly where to go to find him and they looked and here he came walking toward them and then he showed them where he spent the night, on a big rock, and all around it were the searchers footprints, AND wild animal prints! 

I have read many many of these same types of stories. And, of course, the horribly sad, and unbearable ones where everyone dies in their sleep from the cold!!

But, my point is, IT'S ALL BEEN SAID BEFORE!! And before and before and before!!! And recently, before!!! I don't know what more to say!!!
Maybe I will just stand up and say, "Do as the pioneers did. Have faith. Sacrifice. Trust in God. And all will be well in Zion, even if we should die!!" 
What do you say? Is it a hit of a talk??? (at least it is short!! And kinda sweet!!)
Oh, and by the way, Happy 24th of July - Pioneer Day- (to those who have never heard about it! It's a great story!!!) 

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Six days and counting!! Sam and I have stuck with it for six days now. Our diet that is. It's not a really fun one, I might add, but boy I think it's doing the trick!!! 

Now if I can really and truly convince myself that good is bad and bad is good (taste that is!!) I'll be doing fine!!!

It has made all the difference to have Sam on board and more committed to it than me! Those first three days especially--all he would've had to say is, "let's bag this stinken diet" and I would've wrapped my loving arms around him and told him he was the sun, moon and the stars!!! Now, let's eat! 
It's getting a little bit easier at turning down chocolate, cookies, candy, graham crackers with frosting, bread, chips, did I say chocolate?? 
 No, I lie!! But my resolve must be getting stronger!!!
So time marches on! Glory glory hallalujah!!! (funny that that's what's playing on the player right now!!! And they say music doesn't influence us!!).