Sunday, August 9, 2009

2/3rds Of The Way!

Sixteen months ago today, Tanner entered the MTC to begin his 2 year adventure as "Elder Dahl" in the Russia, Rostov-na-danu (it is something totally unreadable to the average American, on his name tag now!).
I can't believe that 2/3rds of his mission is over! It has flown by and yet it seems like forever ago! Having lived through two other of these strange time continuums, I know that this is normal. The first year or so flies by like nothing. But the second year, and in particular the last third, seems to drag on fo-e-ver (imagine The Sandlot kid saying this--over and over!!). Anywho, just had to note the day, say that I am so very proud of Sir Tanner. There's nothing quite like being a missionary mom! Half crazy with pride, and the other half, just crazy!!!!
Love that boy!!
Mom's are usually the priviledged ones to pin on their name tags for the first time!!! (Or used to be--now they don't even get to walk them inside. Just push them out the door at the curbside!!!)

Below: Posing with the fam before the cry-fest!!!

Below: This is one of the most current pictures of Tanner, here with his companion, Elder Hanks. They are demonstrating how luxurious and huge the senior couple they were with's (The Gregersens) hotel bathtub was. Not sure where they had to sleep. I hope it wasn't here in the tub!!
Here with Sister and Elder Gregersen and Elder Hanks, at the beach at a town called Novorisssskkkk)???), or something to that effect!! (I could easily be way off on that!! They traveled with the Gregersens to be their interpreters while visiting the branch in that city)
I do realize that he will come home no longer my baby boy, but my son, who is a man. Again, I have seen this happen with Aaron, and seen Ashley come back grown up. It is bittersweet! It's what we all have hoped, dreamed and prayed for. And yet, when it happens, we have to bid farewell to that part of our lives where we were always needed, and go from being needed and loved to just loved.
It's not all bad, I promise. But when I let myself dwell on it for any length of time I feel a little sad, and sentimental for a time when there was noisy, mischievous, silly and adorable little boys and a sweet girl running around the house and driving me crazy!! (At that time in my life, I used to fantasize about this stage in my life!! And let me tell you, the grass is ALWAYS greener. . . .)
So as one who is in a new stage (my youngest just graduated from high school, and starting preparing for HIS mission), one that I have been dreading, enjoy those little ones!!! I know I didn't as much as I could have!!!
I'll tell all those young mothers who dream of calmer days-"they grow up so fast! Enjoy 'em while you can!!" (bless their hearts!).