Sunday, February 15, 2009

Garth and Doris Whatcott's Big SHA-BANG!

A quick post to all family and friends of my parents, Doris and Garth Whatcott:

Saturday, March 21st - 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (or so!)

What you ask?

A BIG celebration of great magnitude ! With a professional polynesian show, by Tausala, at 7 p.m., short program (and I mean short!!) and lots and lots of visiting, talking, bragging, one upping (this for all you Arnetts with A.S.S.), or whatever you want to discuss.

Why you ask?
To celebrate Doris and Garth's 60th anniversary (that very day, by the way!) - AND -

Doris's 85th birthday (a week and half later on the 30th!!)

Aunt Doris would love for you all to come so that she can enjoy visiting with you all, rather than waiting for her funeral, where she can't be quite as "involved" with the gabbing! (her words! or close enough, anyway!)

Where you ask?

At the church building/stake center, in Gilbert Az, on Cooper half way between Baseline and Guadalupe (southwest corner of Cooper and Houston Rd.)

Pass the word along to all family members please!!

See you all Saturday, March 21st, at 6 p.m.!!!!!