Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And now for the procrastinator's finale!

Well ok, my motto has just been switched from "Better late than never", to "Good intentions never die, you just do"!!!

So in light of it being December 1st, Thanksgiving over and done with, and that feeling that I MUST complete, I must!! I will just finish up my Days of Gratitude in one fell swoop - no clever explanations; no sorry - just ain't gonna do it - just my list of, what # am I on????? 20???? I'm even going to resort to the obvious and givens!!! So here goes!!

Days of Gratitude:
20 - I am grateful for temples. The AZ one in particular! (my all time fave!!)
21 - I am grateful for my children. All grown up and all!! Miss them being around a lot but it's so great to know they are so capable and great!!!
22 - Grateful for coconut cream pie!!
23 - grateful for my calling as Laurel Advisor. Love, love, love it!
24 - grateful for my siblings. Quirks and all!
25 - grateful for Sam's family
26 - grateful for food, glorious food!!
27 - grateful for music!!! Almost all kinds!!! Especially 70's music!!!! (that dates me!!)
28 - grateful for poetry
29 - grateful for my Savior
30 - grateful for my Father in Heaven and the knowledge that He lives and loves me!

There!!! Done!!!
I'm grateful that this is over!!!! And that Christmas season is here!!! Deck the Halls, Hallelujah, Joy to the World and all the rest!!!!


aprilhoyt said...

love it!! good list!! and I like the better late than never! That's how I roll!

Patty said...

Come back Rhea, come back! With getting one ready for England and one returning from Russia, I KNOW there is a lot in your head! Share!